my 80cc is slightly bogging riding down the road whats wrong???!!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sourdiesel404, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. sourdiesel404

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    need help diagnosing whats wrong with my bogging bike it don't idle unless I hold in clutch an give alil gas then it idles super high. when I have it full throttle down the road it hesitates abit even getting up to speed also I leak gas from air filter on stock carburetor. I have a blown head gasket but I already ordered parts for that. HELP pleasee:D

  2. a.graham52

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    Fuel coming out of air filter says one of two things to me... Either floats too high and is causing fuel to lean out the air filter. OR ur running way way too rich and unburned fuel is getting blown back up the intake and out the air filter.
  3. jaguar

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    the air leak of the blown gasket can cause the power loss and high reving.
    please throw that carb away and buy a real one like a Mikuni
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  4. evil_genius

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    Could be the carb. You could also try some hi-octane gas with a light oil mix of 60:1. My last moped bogged like hell, so I put some premium gas in, revved the heck out of it for a few minutes, and blew out all the cobwebs. If that doesn't work, you might have to rebuild or replace the carb. You'd be surprised what a few specks of dirt can do to a carburator.
  5. sourdiesel404

    sourdiesel404 Member

    I am running premium always have an im running 32:1
    60:1 seems way to lean to me and I have high performance carb now still having probs though
  6. butterbean

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    I always ran 32:1, never had any bogging issues. It could be several problems. Your air/fuel ratio could be off (too rich or too lean), your idle screw could be out of adjustment, or your needle could be in the wrong position.
  7. IbedaYank

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    umm this is a 2stroke with NO reeds a little bit of fuel/oil coming out the carb is NORMAL
  8. sourdiesel404

    sourdiesel404 Member

    By the way fixed head gasket waiting on performance exhaust now
  9. Wolfshoes

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    The stock CNS V3 carb and exhaust has provided me with reasonable smoke free speed, quiet and fuel economy over the summer. I do mods anyway; it could always be better. A nagging hard to find problem in performance and fuel economy like you described was traced back to the air filter. This stock filter may have to be absolutely dry and oil free to flow air properly. Every mile you ride may result in lower performance and fuel economy as the filter takes on 2 cycle oil. If you don't believe it could be that serious; just ride with the air filter removed, Rupp Black Widow style and note the difference. I do not know if the filter can be cleaned. There is nothing said in the Skyhawk manual about air filter maintenance. If there is a better made to fit filter replacement, I am not aware of it.
  10. a.graham52

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    I installed a bigger air filter (a "performance" valve cover breather found in the ricer section of ur local auto parts), that's bigger then the "stock" cns filter. Still a K&N style filter too . Worked like a charm! Totally recommend for the cns carb.