My adventure in DIY Painting

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    Hello all once again. Thanks for those who helped me with some ideas on paint. Just as a refresher my bike started its life as a Mongoose electrical bike and I decided to fix and improve it with a 80cc motor setup. My first major goal was to assess the paint. It started as Green and silver, not feeling the colors too much I decided to do a DIY paintjob. Here are the steps I took if anyone needs any specific information I did not provide please feel free to ask.
    TOTAL COSTS: Under $20.00
    TOTAL TIME: About 3hours

    1. Diassemble the bike down to the frame if possible
    2. Sanding I used 400grit first and followed with 1000, the goal is to take away a lot of the shine and to make the whole bike overall smooth and chips or marks feel free to sand away to even those out so it will be good as new.
    3. After you feel that you have accomplished that next is to properly clean the whole bike being sure to remove and grease and fingerprints off of it , I used Rubbing Alcohol its fairly cheap and works great.
    4. Now is your chance to tape off any parts of the bike you do not want painted or a different color then your starting with
    5. Find a good spot to hang up the frame for paint being sure you can hit it from all angles. Reclean one last time just in case.
    6. Paint , I used Kreylon Indoor/Outdoor paint I was very pleased with it at 2.97 a can. I chose for my project Gloss Black and True Blue. Please keep in mind that this paint has built-in clear coat, attempting to paint and then use clearcoat on top of it will cause it to bubble and peel.
    7. Apply light even coats untill you reach your desired color, it will look wierd for the first few coats but will come together looking great.
    8. Make sure your happy with it , any small corrections or imperfections address them, if you have excessive orange peel wetsanding is your friend and brings out a great shine.
    9. Re-assemble
    10. Be proud of your work

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