My armybike is done

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by losenup, May 27, 2008.

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  2. losenup

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    The coppercoil is made of car-breakfluid-lines (cheap). I hade to make the hole in the sprocket bigger to fit the wheel.

    The killswitch doesnt work, how do I connect that more exactly?
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    I was :shock: at the copper but since it's brake line it can take the vibrations. Kinda looks like a moonshine still. :)

    Those little rubber mudflaps on the bottoms of your fenders are pretty cool.

    You could probably put another flag or other symbol/logo on the gearbox cover, that might look cool.
  4. losenup

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    I hope to get stickers from this forum to apply on the bike :)
    One will then probably fit the gearbox-cover
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    I love the look- there's nothing quite like copper for a vintage look.
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    Very cool!
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    awesome bike
    Have you considered painting the engine as well? I think that would look killer.
    Also maybe stencil out a number on the chain guard, like a serial #?... just an idea;)
  9. KilroyCD

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    FYI - for anyone who's interersted, there's a really nice series of classic saddles made in the Netherlands by Lepper. They're less expensive than the the Brooks saddles, and very nice. I got a "Classic 90" new on eBay a while back for $32. On the Lepper site they're around 66 Euros though.
  10. KilroyCD

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    Great looking bike! Makes me want to do one in military colours. Hmmm, I have an old British Hercules sitting around doing nothing right now...
  11. Hollywood

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    Nice looking build Losenup.Spooky Tooth Cycles has two sizes of retro seats cheap that you are looking for.
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    I have now mounted the light. I realized that it was brass under the original paint. So I started to sandpaper it and polish, nicely done I thought to myself.....then to my surprise I found another light, EXACTLY the same!! But on another bike I have lying. Jolly-good, two is better than one i thought and started to sandpapper and polish that one aswell. hands are really sore now, but it was worth it :)
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  13. spunout

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    the red wire from throttle assy goes to the blue (or green) wire coming off magneto.
    the black wire to black wire, or just ground it to the frame
  14. losenup

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    Ive fixed the killswitch. In my manual it says I could ground either blue or black cabel (to the coil), but only the blue cable worked grounding.
  15. BSA

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    Very cool. Quality build. Tell me more about that front drum brake.

  16. losenup

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    Thank you all :)

    I havent had apart the drumbrake in picies. But its a really weird construction.
    When you pull the lever, the center-screw in the center of the steering-wheel (the black nobb) pops upp and pulls on a shaft inside the frame which leads to a wire which pulls the lever on the front brake and the brakes then act like a normal drumbrake.
    You can also adjust the frontbrake by screwing the black nobb, back and forth ( english might be somewhat poor :)... that I like.
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    Question...will the power be enough for two 3W in the front an one 3W in the back (9W in total)?
  18. vintagebiker

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    Very nice looking.
    Yeah I would agree, paint the motor and maybe some canvas army type saddle bags on the rear carrier.
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    I LOVE this bike! I don't get the copper thing, but it looks cool.