My armybike is done

The coppercoil is made of car-breakfluid-lines (cheap). I hade to make the hole in the sprocket bigger to fit the wheel.

The killswitch doesnt work, how do I connect that more exactly?
I was :eek: at the copper but since it's brake line it can take the vibrations. Kinda looks like a moonshine still. :)

Those little rubber mudflaps on the bottoms of your fenders are pretty cool.

You could probably put another flag or other symbol/logo on the gearbox cover, that might look cool.
I hope to get stickers from this forum to apply on the bike :)
One will then probably fit the gearbox-cover
awesome bike
Have you considered painting the engine as well? I think that would look killer.
Also maybe stencil out a number on the chain guard, like a serial #?... just an idea;)
Where can I buy a vintage-sadel (seat?) cheap?
Ive seen these "brooks" made in England, but the are really expensive $100.

Anyone here sitting on a vintage sadel for a good price? :)

Edit:Forget it, I just found me a NICE one! Wooheee..

FYI - for anyone who's interersted, there's a really nice series of classic saddles made in the Netherlands by Lepper. They're less expensive than the the Brooks saddles, and very nice. I got a "Classic 90" new on eBay a while back for $32. On the Lepper site they're around 66 Euros though.
Great looking bike! Makes me want to do one in military colours. Hmmm, I have an old British Hercules sitting around doing nothing right now...