my bad neighbor!

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    you wont believe this! my neighbor ripped my bike from its lock and threw it in the dumpster!, but luckily it wasnt damaged, i live in a 2 story apartment complex, so there is no way to have the bike in my apartment ,pretty much all my neighbors are pill-heads, the reason i know it was my neighbor is because hes been kicked out of his apartment and hes mad at me for ratting on him. i chose not to call the police because i dont exactly know who did it and i am installing a security camera by my window, i also own a 50cc scooter that i defiantly dont want touched.

  2. buzbikebklyn1

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    If possible, try to rent out a safe, GAS FRIENDLY place to lock down, I know a guy that rents out a small fenced in corner of a gas station just for motorcycle and scooter owners, its a pretty good deal, 24 hour security and 24/7 access.
  3. wbuttry

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    or see if there is a storage close by and rent that and get you a cheap pedal bike to ride to the storage anytime you wanna ride you motor bikes that is what i did
  4. Sgt. Howard

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    bad neighbor

    ... just one more reason I won't live in a big town. We've got a slew of methmakers here in Okanogan County- they'd been marking my pumphouse so that buyers could meet them in the orchard. I spray over their tags, they re-spray their tags... then one dusk I hear the 'rattlerattlerattle' of a paint can. I grab the appropriate hardware. Spotted the moron at 75 meters. ****dest thing- that spray can BLEW UP IN HIS FACE! They ain't been back... I guess they got the hint.
    the Old Sgt.
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    You got the seriel #'s just in case wright. I stamped a seriel # in motor casing by front mount. If you have renters ins. that might help? if there was any damage.
  6. RedBaronX

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    did it blow up all on its own or did you do something to... encourage... it? :)
  7. Sgt. Howard

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    Sgt. Howard

    ... I'll never tell... but at Ft. Benning, I WAS qualified as 97% effective at 1,000 meters with the .50BMG turnbolt. That's on my 201 file. I qualified 'expert' on six different rifles as well as 1911 and grenade. There was a reason that I was a 'hardbar' Sgt. in the Army Medical Corps- every other E-5 I knew in the medics was a 'Spec5', not a Sgt. Most of the bad element in this town give me wide berth... "...Lo, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of death, I shall fear no evil... For I am... " I belive you know the rest of the verse.
    the Old Sgt.
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    how i would hate living in suburbia. or the us of a possibly..

    noones going to shoot me and i got enough property here to wander around for hours... with no fear of jabbing myself on some dirty junkies refuse :)

    neighbours? well, they auctioned the place and whoever bid on it decided to get themselves admitted to the nut hatch and claim mental imcompetency, and wants her deposit back. the whole idea of a deposit is that you dont get it back. so no neighbours for the last 5 months :) nothing happens til the legalities are sorted out

    i fear for the loss of such seclusion though :( i might have to erect a fence one day. hmmph.. a fence. ive never had a fence!
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    Bad Neighbors

    Sorry to here about yer problems with yer neighbor. Thats why I gotta have a garage. I also have motion sensers set to an alarm and cameras with record capabilities watching my property. I live in San Jose, Ca. and not in the best area so I gotta watch my stuff.
    If your apt. has a car port you could put a small storage shed in it to lock the bike in at night. And if theres power in it you could also install alarms and cameras.
    But I gotta wonder what would set him off like that? Are ya running straight pipes or something? Did ya ride through his livingroom at 40mph? Did ya do the nasty with his wife?(just kidding). I guess some people are just not running on all cylinders and don't really need a reason. I hope whoever moves in to the apt. this time is a biker with a little more respect for another man's property.
    Keep the rubber side down and yer knees in the breeze,
    Big Red.
  10. Sgt. Howard

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    Big Red- what part of SJ? I grew up in Campbell before it was Silicon Valley
  11. Big Red

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    San Jo.

    Hey Sarge, I,m about six blocks from Happy Hollow zoo on 11th & Keyes. Or as I like to call it, Little Tijuana. The name of this place IS San Jose after all so who do you think lives here? 99% Hispanic and 1%(me) white.
    Most of the people here are very nice people, but theres a lot of gang activity here now and I don't think you would like it here anymore. I'm told a lot of San Jose at one time were farms and orchards. Not any more. Now theres no space between one city to the next, and Campbell is only a little better than San Jose nowadays. Not as many gangs in Campbell and the cops are gonna do everything possible to keep it that way. I try to stay out of Campbell couse the cops there will pull you over for sneasing. And don't even get me started on East Palo Alto, the crank capital of the valley.
    I think you got out just in time and would be very disapointed to see it now.
    Big Red.
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    I saw the cancer spread. I graduated from Campbell High in '73... by then they had ripped out the last of the orchards. Campbell cops were always in love with their authority, almost made me turn hippie. Got a scar on my right leg where some cholo tried to do a streetside vasectomy- he still walks with a limp if he's still alive, and that was in '74. Most of my graduating class is either dead or in jail- raised farm boys that didn't belong in their own home town when they turned 18 they couldn't cope.
  13. Big Red

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    Like I said Sarge, You got out just in time or you just might have turned hippey(or worse). Did my high school years (69,72) in Fairfield, Ca. and it made me turn biker.
    Big Red.
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    well as of right now, my neighbor is also in trouble for robbing me. he pawned one of my stolen items and now hes going to jail, so everythings working out good, i have my bike up in my apartment until i get it fixed (bad magneto), ill keep it locked up to my top stair rails
  15. Sgt. Howard

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    most criminals turn to crime because they are too stupid or too lazy to hold a real job.
    the Old Sgt.
  16. buzbikebklyn1

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    What really burns my toast is that these inconsiderate, greedy, selfish, rude people never consider just how much time and work we put into our bikes. Most of us have to skimp and save to buy that kit and bike, only to have some crackhead or meth tweaker steal it and to add insult to injury the police do little or nothing unless the thief is caught red handed.
    Coming out of work to find your pride and joy has been vandalized or stolen is a terrible feeling.
    But the police dont take it seriously, we are told not to take the law into our own hands but yet we cant expect justice from the law.
    This fellow just happens to be one of the few lucky stolen bike owners whose thief or vandal was stupid enough to get caught... how about the rest that get away with it every day?
    They used to hang horse thieves, i say we revive the custom.
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    My neighbor calls the police on me all the time. She will slam her door when i turn up back at home from a ride and 10-15 minutes later the police will be at my door for complaints of noise pollution lol I'm running a SBP expansion chamber so its not so loud...

    I blame her age. Angry old lady.

    Place the cameras up, film him doing it, sue the ahole or beat his a$$ lol I would :D
  18. wbuttry

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    thats sad everybody acts the way they do some people are so freaking stupid i cant figure people out so there fore i dont try im in a new town now we ride 4 wheelers up and down the streets it is very motor bike friendly and i love it her google new madrid mo that is where we live ..
  19. Big Red

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    I second the motion.
  20. crowvise

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    I live in a sterotypical ghetto. Sort of.
    After my flyyin horse was stolen I said to myself funk:)bowdown:bow bow bunka bow wow:devilish:) the law and built a circuit that would give any would be theives one **** of a shock. The law calls it man trapping. I call it, "Man, ain't no one stealing my bike again."
    Big red:
    You are ignorant. The new generation of hippies are buddist angels or satanic demons dependng on how u treat us. You said "You got out just in time or you just might have turned hippey(or worse)." Too many fools eating media sterotypes. Irregardless of what group u think u are your group is th same as mine. Full of the good,the bad, and the ugly. Or in your case the stupid prejudiced. Or as a love of mine once said,"As long as there are stupid people in the world there will always be racisim, prejudice, and sterotyping. So I guess we are all stuck w/ you and your breed. Another unfortunate, yet truthful, observation she stated was how this system IS so messed up but that there isn't a better one that can be implemented that she can come up with but that she is open to any suggestions.
    I can't come up w/ one outside of idealogical dreamscapes. So here we remain, my fellow Americans.
    Her father, a Col. (Semper fi)and hippie undercover, who worked at the Pentagon up until approximately 2 weeks before 9-11 and was then transfered to Quantico, w/ an eye for perfection, once summed up a multitude of life's truths in one simple sentence. "Life isn't linear."
    My home state is Va.
    My daughter was born at Ft. Belvior(where my mom and dad met) but on her mom's medical ticket as I am not, have never been, Army(and her mother is not, was not my love).
    Proof indisputable:
    department of the army
    us army meddac
    attn correspondence
    9501 farrell rd suite gc11
    ft belvior, va 22060-5901
    My stepfather is 5th in command for the NSA's (raytheon)internet security. The NSA subs it all out to a corporation called raytheon. That is not the only thing raytheon does. His name is Steve Kogge. He also teaches computer science at the University of Maryland and moonlights as marine biologist. His brother was, or still, is on the board at notre dame(for computer science), the alma matre of both of them.
    Steve enjoys flaunting his intelligence (mostly memorized latin terms for biological life forms or algorithms and data structures that us mere mortals shouldn't understand-or at least those w/ long hair).His thesis was on the synaptic vesciles, gaps, and responses in the brain(though I find i best to play dumb@ss when he says only "parts of the brain" w/o detailing what that entails) of a honey bee responsible for controling thier flight patterns and he wrote a computer program(unimpressve by todays standards but nice for it's day considering there was no such thing as computer programing courses back then) to show it. You can learn a bit from him, but heaven forbid you politely show him where he was wrong or add a detail he missed. Then, all of a sudden, the shine he had on his face disappears and actually goes dark. And he says something like "well it doesn't really matter", or if it was a proper name, says, "well, thats what we all called it.", yet he's the one that brought the whole topic up to begin with.
    Like when I pointed out current data does more than suggest that ionic propulsion will be the earth civilization's next "publicly recognized" used method of space exploriation and he insisted it would be teflon because of its burn temperature. Well, take a look. We're using ionic now on our research vessels. Though not on manned craft yet which, if in my lifetime, I know wouldn't be feasible until/unless the science becomes available to epediate the rate at which capacitance storage is held in regards to space consumed & weight of material. If the threshold level(I doubt it has) hasn't already been reached.
    These times will be looked upon as the dark ages a few centuries from now as the Galilieo's of today are ostracized from today's ignorant, neanderthal monk-key church.
    Yeah, and I am a funking hippie. I went to prision for growing an inappropiate vegetable. Can't go back to my home state over it. can't have a driver's license unless I do 4 years in a va state pen . ate my fair share of mushrooms and lsd. Learned it is MUCH more than a good time and pretty colors. so funk you for knocking me and my beautiful sisters and brothers
    Did u do proper recon? Really?
    spray tags for a meth operation? really?
    did u check the weather forecasts b4 taking that pop shot to make sure, to the best of possible obtainable intelligence there weren't going to be any wind gusts to throw off the shot and have u hit and possibly kill an innocent graffiti artist?

    I think you wach too much tv
    If your pot shot story is real it was dangerous and irresponsible and u watch too much tv and possibly almost killed some dumb grafitti artist and scared him and his "opposition" with you thinking it was mafia sign language because you ate too much Hollywood flakes for breakfast.
    Or you're feeding us Hollywood flakes.
    1000yds and a sarge not a green beret?
    Then again, with a comment like "I'm not telling", as if you're being smooth, after you already told us what you supposedly did, would explain why such marksmanship never made beret.
    A beret(most anyway) would've verified guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, taken a head shot, and not seek out recognition in a public forum.
    Sloppy. Deadly. Probably unwarrented if true.
    My drunk Cherokee @ss is going to bed(there is a sterotype:rolleyes7: )
    I'm done venting.
    Many have insulted my group and my race

    I am native. I hunt. I hunt well. Vegitarian is spelled vegetarian.

    The truth is easy to understand once it is discovered.
    the point is to discover it.
    ~Galileo Galilei

    =I can fill your house with flowers...
    and I can poision all your mirrors too.
    =and every evening I talk to the stars
    =Stand beside me when you measure my size...
    I'm a demon in disguise.
    ~David Bromberg circa 1972 stupid hippie :poop:?