My Beast

Hi, My names David and I'm new to this forum.
My bike was an old Royce Union (K-Mart) Bike which was aluminum, being very light i stripped the whole surface of the bike and all its parts.

I then took time in painting it Ford 1970's Green Tropicana
with touch-up paint, as i wasn't an experienced painter i just painted as best as i could and hoped for the best

I had bought my engine via an eBay seller and took time in putting it on, overcame many problems since my frame is thicker than anything anyone has ever seen.

I went to the store and bought some wheels, tires, tubes, brakes, etc.., spending my time and money on the bike i was amazed at my progress, i had turned an old rusty k-mart bike into a crazy motorbike

Too bad i don't have before and after pictures as it would have been wonderful to see the difference

I've tested the bike today and it really flies :) I think i felt 40km\h at half throttle before my chain link broke and flew away :(

Parts on bike
Engine: Chinese 80cc with holes in muffler
Crank set & Bottom Bracket: Shimano Alivio
Rear Brakes: Shimano Alivio
Rear Derailer: Shimano Turismo
Front Derailer: Shimano Deore LX
Fork: Omni
Seat: Velo GelTec (Very Comfy)
Levers: Shimano V-Brakes
Wheels: Joytech 27"
Tires: Repco 27x2.10
Valve Caps: Bullet Green

Soon To add
Odometer (analogue)
Air Filter
New Carb
32t Sprocket
Custom Muffler

Sorry Can't upload photos right now as the board wants me to wait a day and have 1 legit post
I ordered my mirrors and speedometer / odometer

when i was riding today my muffler cap fell off so i removed the whole inside of the thing

it's bloody loud now but i don't know if it gives any of an increase as the insides aren't in it, is it really necessary?

and it sometimes cuts out when I'm riding it, i think it's because i had a low amount of petrol in the tank

does anyone know where i can get a performance (NGK) spark plug and boot from? aswell as air filters and performance mufflers?

Thats exactly the same bike as I now have.

The engine arrives tomorrow morning, tell me, what did you do about the engine mounting?
I have no idea how its going to fit atm.