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    Hi All! Im glad to see there is a section for this since I recently changed from upright to a bent.
    Here is my latest project....BENT-ley...its nearly finished...I have to add a chain tensioner, true a couple of rims and sew a seat cushion...but all in all..99.9% finished. It made based on the Jetrike 2426 plans...with my own .."variations"...she runs like a scalded ape!..AND...I can't get thrown thru the air like a rocket like my upright did when the motor ate my pant leg! Yes, BENT-ley is a bit heavier...but its a BLAST to ride!

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    Nice work, it's good to see a motorized tadpole. There is a lot of parts to build and trouble shoot on a tadpole trike, I know because I've built two. And I didn't even put a motor on them. Steering and brakes require a lot of work.

    You can still get thrown off. If you use the rear brake too much while turning, the back end can swing around causing the outside front wheel to dig in and flip you over. I will be watching to see your finishing touches.
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    Like the forks used to mount the front wheels.What kind of motor is that?
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    Hi All! Thx Lee for the insight..not so sure I'll be slamming on the rear brake too much few years ago I built my 1st MB (upright) 4800 miles from it b4 I sold it...but it took some getting used since Ive never owned a Bent...its gonna go thru some serious testing before I start riding it to and from work.In answer to Wheelbender's question..the motor is a 66cc GRUBEE...Im replacing the jug , piston and bearing next paycheck, and gonna take this one and see if I can bore it out a couple 1000's over...might have trouble getting rings tho.
    The forks were my own addition to the blueprint. Im an equipment designer/welder/maint. tech for the company I work for and all the Bents Ive seen have an axle...with just the made more sense to me to have the wheel balanced inside a structure like this instead of putting all the stress on the inside bearing.
    I SHOULD be finished with it this weekend and begin trials with it..I have more photos of the construction stages, and when I post them, I'll post a Youtube like for the video.
    Thanks for the compliments!..I'm pretty darned proud it this project :tt1:
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