Stolen My best build yet Stolen.

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    Man last Saturday my Motorized bike was stolen from my work. I put a whole year into saving up and waiting for the right time to make my new build and when it all came together it was the best one I had ever done, It run great, started every-time no problem and lots of power.

    Every time I think about my bike and how much love and care I put into it I feel a little sick.

    It was a Orange and black Super-cycle Phantom 29" with black fenders, offset intake, red speed carb, 41 tooth sprocket, all black steel hex bolts, black fuel line with a bigger clear fuel filter

    I never got to take any pictures but if anyone see's it in the BC Langley area please call the Police and contact me at 604-617-4030

  2. butre

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    keep an eye out on craigslist and local equivalents, and check pawn shops. did you file a police report?

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    Oh yes I have been looking on craigslist, and I did file a police report right away. I may try checking local pawn shops. I do not have high hopes I'll see my bike again. I really did love it even though I always had to tinker with it but I think that's what I enjoyed most about it just making everything run right and keep running good. Maybe I'll build another one in the future, this was my second build but my old motor was done no point in rebuilding it.
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    you must go to the police and tell them all what happened to you . if i found then i told you in your contact number.
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    Bummer. Didn't know BC had a crime problem like that. Crime of oppertunity I suspect. All of us need to be security concious.
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    I wouldn't dare park mine and go into a big store, I have to keep it in sight at all times. The neighborhood isn't that bad, but the bikes just attract the attention of every crackhead and delinquent in town for some reason. Probably because they don't have to be registered the thieves know they can keep and use it.
    The cops told me to write down the serial number (if any) on the frame and take a few pictures.
    They would post them on the bulletin board if it comes up stolen.
    Cable locks are a very good idea although I just try to keep mine in sight. I hate thieves.
    Sorry they got your bike. Watch the pawn shops and craig's list. That's all you can do.