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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by blackmarkus, Feb 13, 2008.

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    nice, i like the tank alot!
  4. Nice bike...looks tough.
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    Wind In Your Hair ... Nice !!!
  6. Incredibly clean build. One of my favorites. When I first joined up I was pretty obsessed with Cruisers, but there is something rugged and beautiful about yours. It wears that diamond frame nicely. What was the original bike?
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    a compleet classik...very nice build :)
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    Original bike is a Dunlop Scout , I have removed all the stickers,put on a comfortable Gel seat, Mudguards, high riser bars. a mate has just fabricated a new exhaust for me with a larger pipe but it's not quite right yet. I'm glad that it's liked as I'm kinda obsessed with improving it. I think I might have blown the engine last night but that will only be a minor set back. As soon as I work out what engine to replace it with, I'm thinking the Gru-bee Super Rat 80cc ,motor only. Please post any recommendations or comments as it will be appreciated.
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    a simple point...if you replace the "engine only" you'll have to be mindful of intake/carby config...make certain that your existing carburetion will meet the needs of your replacement engine. i've seen compatible-looking carby/intakes NOT match up.

    i wouldn't expect any major problem, but forewarned is forearmed. have you cruised thru the product-reviews for input on choice of engine-only?
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    "I'm kinda obsessed with improving it." :grin::lol: It never stops

    I love the stripes on the tank, beautiful front to rear. Great job.
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    Nice lookin bike. What are you using for lights?
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    Thanks all,
    I have access to a fabricator of stainless and other materials and he has fabricated a new exhaust for me with a pipe that matches the size of the port (I've posted a pic). It's not quite right yet as it's 25mm short and the baffle holes don't line up, but we'll get it right then I'll do the intake manifold with a larger diameter.
    I do thank you for your post and welcome any more information, concerns or queries.
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    Headlights are 2 x AAA Powered 5 led bike lights (1 huffy and 1 Schwinn)
    my coil lead has just fallen apart does anyone know if i can replace the lead or do i need to buy a new coil?
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    I don't like's ugly and dirty and probably smells. ;)
    Tell ya what....i'm willing to take it off your hands right NOW,that's the kinda guy i am.
    I'll come over your place straight away....just as soon as i put my running shoes on. :):cool:

    PS...Just to qualify my statement....Very nice,i bet your proud and u have every right to be proud. :cool:
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    backfiring out carb

    Ok repaired the plug lead ,now it's still running rough and now backfires out the air filter, splutters and dies. I have removed the exhaust, everything looks ok.
    I'm thinking it's either the magneto ,cdi, plug or carby, thats narrowing it down .

    I Just took out the plug and turned over the engine and got several small shocks so I'm thinking that the magneto, cdi and plug are all ok, thank you Augidog for the plug lead link. Which leads me to deduce that there is too much fuel going into chamber and not burning. after so many revolutions it fills and the spurts it out the carby. I did read in one of the threads that if your engine has done 900km as mine has maybe it's time to take a look at the carby . Thoughts ?
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    If u think it's the carby raise the retaining clip on the needle...test;and if your not happy with that raise it again...test; etc etc.
    I'm assuming you've o-ringed the carby...that's important?
    Make sure your spark plug is GOOD....not the Chinese one supplied.
    It's all a question of trial and error till u get it running to a standard your happy with.
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    piston damaged, Rebuild by Qualified Chef

    Bike is running but wont go up hill, it's lost power and very noisy.Took the head off motor and the top of the piston is damaged near the intake ports. Now my professional diagnosis as a qualified chef tells me that bushing has given up causing the piston to move in more directions than just up and down, which has caused the ports to wear away the top of piston. so I'm thinking that I should replace the bushing,piston and rings. Now i already have a new piston with rings that i was given when i bought motor from friend,, and I'm pretty sure I can find a needle bearing or bushing locally or Zbox but one small problem I don't have a clue how to do it !! How do I get to where I need to get to, is going to be easier to just by a new motor (cant afford at mo), i think i should have a go.
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    A good looking bike, those mud guards must come in handy, they didnt come with that bike did they?
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    Mudguards were $20 from local bikeshop

    I bought them the first day my bike was on the road after getting a mud stripe from butt to neck