My Bike Build and it's problems :/ help please

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by impression, May 2, 2008.

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    a little mock up picture

    The engine bolted on

    More things attached after many little annoying troubles and the sun is going down

    how nice is this pic, rainbow and all

    Now, suns gone down and i'm at the side of the house attaching small things under the light.

    after much trouble with the really crappy chinese screws i bought a set of big "**** off" screw drivers from BestBuy.

    Little did i know that it would be a fruitless effort.

    taking the clutch cover plate off and having a gander seeing whats what after the crank wouldn't turn and the clutch wouldn't disengage

    after this it seemed that the engine needed a few hard turns to loosen itself, i'm not even sure if there's any oil in there :/ it is still quite stiff to turn too.

    But i'm out of cash now, and there's only 1 more problem i know of before i can start riding. I need to file the teeth on the engone sprocket as it's a bad chinese POS mould and yah, needs to smooth out all the burrs on it as the chain is 'jumping' and getting caught.

    but i cant file down the sprocket until i get the Sprocket cover off and as you can see from the above picture it's not exactly going well and i'm out of money untill next pay day now and i don't have a file >.< ****it.

    Here's a video of my current progress as of a few hours ago


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    I moved your post here because BICYCLE Repair & Mod. is no engine stuff. louis
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    Hopefully you can get your hands on a 1/4 drive socket set. The Phillips head bits that you use in a cordless drill/driver fit perfectly into a small metric socket. I believe it's 6 mm. But it's been a long time since I've checked. Somewhere in that size range, anyway. With the head of the ratchet in the palm of your hand you have just the leverage you need to remove those sprocket cover bolts.
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    Thanks, i'll try this after breakfast :D
  5. Yea that cover needs to be off or you'll jam up half way into threading your chain.
    You know,after threading your chain and putting back the clutch cover and stuff,you look ready to go!
    Everything is stiff cause it's still new. It will break in after some use.
    Let us know how it all goes!
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    alrighty, i got 2 of the 3 bolts out but the third was too far gone. So i rode my bike 10k's each way to Bunnings and Supercheap Auto and got some suppies

    i got

    replacement bolts
    easy undo tappers top get that last bolt out
    small and strong drill bits to predrill the hole for the easy undo.
    Metal File

    oh i am so broke now :/

    And now...

    i got the third bolt undone and now i'm filing down the sprocket so the chain fits, i'm close to getting it fitted, but it's hard work as i'm using a manual file and it's hardened steel the sprocket.

    After i get the chain on i need to wire up the kill switch and double check everything. Mix the fuel, oil up the chain and i should be good to fire her up.

    EDIT: i would take more pics but my mate has got the camera for the weekend, I'll take more pics when he's back tomorrow night.

    any tips on wiring the kill switch ?
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    Ok guys, may people were skeptical about this project and some were skeptics about the kit.

    Well last night on ocau was talking and Bradrogers was interested in my bike, I remembered he lived not far from me as we both went on the OCAUcar cruise last year. I asked if he had a dremel/angle grinder and he said he had them. So here's the results.

    and this morning.

    and She's working

    Now, I took it out for a spin to the local westfields where i picked up 2 more bike locks and went from there to a mates house to show it off as he was doubtfull it's even work.

    I was getting about 40km/hour when i gave it a squirt on the straight and flat parts of the trip but kept it in nice and relaxed cruise mode @25k's most of the way so to 'run in' the engine for the first 500 or so km's.

    I have not connected the Kill switch as after reading a bit it kills the magneto by shorting it every time you use the kill switch. So tomorrow i wire in my own ignition on/off switch.

    The Kit so far has been worth it, and i'm sure most people wouldn't have the trouble that i have had in getting it together, its a tight fit on my bike which made installation tricky but in the end i got there.

    I shall make a step by step video/picture series on how to put one of these kits together this weekend as the pics and instructions on the the aren't of great detail and quality.

    I could not have completed this kit without the help of Will_Start of forums, another Sydney goer who has had problems with his bike and was willing to offer advice and tips when i needed. Also Bradrogers of and for pretty much dropping everything and helped me with his dremel and other random tools to get the sprocket all sweetly lined and cut.

    The kit i would say is worth it, Each kit comes with all you need to get up and running, you might need a couple extras depending on your bike frame mounting.

    A must is to replace all those cheap screws/bolts with high grade steel ones from your local bunnings store.

    Don't use the included "kill switch" it will kill your bike, hence kill switch instead wire a toggle switch of your choosing between the dynamo in the engine and the magneto in the small ignition box.

    get yourself some loc tight to use on all the screws/bolts as they will ratle and come loose over time. Nail polish works well, but use a cheap $2 one, not your GF's good stuff :S

    Zip Ties, you will need about 50 of them, trust me you will. ( good quality ones)

    Inline Fuel Filter, get one of these to save trouble later on down the track.

    On trips take basic tools with you to tighted anything that may come lose.

    get yourself a 10 litre steel jerry can in which you can mix your fuel in.

    Use only penrite good quality oil to avoid smelling badly after your ride.

    get yourself lights and a highly visable jacket if riding in early morning or duck/night. as these bikes are pretty much motorbikes now and can kill you as most bikes aren't designed for these speeds. I Build mine on a strong framed mountain bike as footpaths aren't always flat/smooth and i'll also do a bit of offroading with it

    remember, Act civil and obey the road rules, be curtious and respectful to other motorists and most will treat you nicely in return. Always assume they didn't see you!!!!

    Happy Riding peoples