My bike is almost done! Check it out...

Hey all...I didnt get a chance to post pics of my bike when I first joined this forum but here are a couple of how the bike sits right now. All I need to do now is put on a new chain, put on a new right side cover, gas her up and fire it up!


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great looking motoredbike, nice use of the double top-tube...i'm still totally in love with the classic look :cool:
The bike was actually an 80s girls huffy cruiser. I cut it apart and welded it back together to make it look something like an old hawthorne. This was all before I decided to put a motor in it. When i bought the engine from my friend I had no idea how the thing was going to fit. When I put the motor in it actually fit like a glove! The tank did too! I really lucked out.
First glance I thought "Now that's a frame that's meant for a happy time."
It's perfect. I love the way that top tube compliments your tank,like the tank just belongs there.
Where did you get your air cleaner? Did it bolt right up?
Hopefully you'll look into some front breaks,but other than that...BRAVO.
When I read that you had cut and welded the frame. I had to go back and look again. I can see it now. But It does look like it was designed for the motor and tank. Excellent work.
Outstanding, sir!

That's a frame well done for a conversion... I envy you how the motor fit; I had to make some beefy, longer Happy Time motor mount brackets for my stock Schwinn Cruiser. My bike's a couple of weeks away from it's first fire.

I also applaud you for your use of all the stock Chinese kit components: that barbaric twist throttle, the clutch lever, etc. I chose to replace most of that stuff 'cause I thought it had much s*ck. LOL.

My hat is off to you for what appears to be a trouble-free install. :D