My bike is up and running!


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6:11 PM
Mar 23, 2008
central illinois
My engines arrived last week and I have built my first bike. It is such a sweet machine, I can hardly believe it. It's a dax 49cc. (Thanks to dax, by the way. nice product. a few small flaws, I think, but nothing serious) I worked a few hours Saturday, a few more on Sunday and finished it yesterday morning and was riding by noon. I suppose I rode 10 miles or more yesterday (with inspection stops, of course). And, yes, it certainly is an eye-catcher and an attention getter.

On a seemingly unrelated subject; my kids have allowed some kind of trojan virus into this computer. So untill I get it fixed it is very difficult to do anything. Every page takes forever to load and requires re-booting more often than not. As a result, searching the forums is all but impossible for me. I have tried. So, with apologies, I'm going to ask for a bit of advice that I probably could find elsewhere if I had working equipment.

Can anyone offer me break-in advice? For instance, during the course of the day it seems as though engine compression rose. Toward the end of the day it was more likely to freeze the wheel on starting than it did at the beginning of the day. Is a properly broken-in engine a bit difficult to start? does it require high pedalling speed? It also seemed that even when the engine was pretty warm I had to adjust the choke based on load. (Hills, for instance) Is that the way it should be? And can anyone offer advice on adjustment of the carburetor, throttle, etc?

Thank you all very much. Reading these forums while waiting for my engine was very much worthwhile. It gave me a feel for these engines before I ever received it and there is no doubt at all that it kept me from making mistakes that I surely would have made oterwise.

And I'll offer one piece of advice to newbies: be very carefull about how short you cut that chain. If you go one link too far, you are finished untill the new chain arrives.
Rock on! Post pics. Compression and power should rise as you break in. I haven't ever had to fiddle the choke for power. Maybe you have an airleak. Search on o-ring and airleak.
For your computer problem download avg free edition, its a free virus scanner software i run it on all my computers and i never get viruses that i cant get rid of.If you need the file i can send it to your computer in an email(i think) or aim iinstant messager(easiest way to transfer files.(back to subject) I bought a engine from boygofast on ebay and it ran fine uphill and everything, choke just makes it die out so your either running on the lean side or and airleak causing it to lean out, remember to loctite everything you can.
Thanks, folks. Yup, AVG is a good program. I'm using it right now and my computer is working almost normally.

And I will post pics. It's a good looking machine. First I need to finish the installation; the only thing big that's left to do is getting the fenders to clear the tires. Then I need to get a camera.

But it won't take me a long time. I'm just dying to show off my machine.

btw, I have a bicycle cargo trailer that I've pulled around for years by leg-power. When I finish this, I'm going to hook it up and ride up to the laundromat and see how it works with this bike. I'm feeling pretty hopefull about it. The bike seems to work well. I'll keep you posted.