My bike saved the day!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 2stroker, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Im riding home from my dads house and i get about 15miles away and stop at the gas station cause my truck was outta gas and i realized i left my wallet at my dads! I didn't have enough gas to go back and i didn't have enough gas to go home. I look up and theres my motorized bike in the back of the truck. Duh! I jumped on it and had rode to my dads.
    When i get there he's waiting out side on the bushes (i dont see him). I pull up he jumps out and grabs me and yelled. He got me good i almost jumped clear off my bike. My dad hands me my wallet and i was off! Im glad i put my bike in my truck! That would have been along walk!

    Has anyone else had there bike with em when they broke down?

  2. LaLongueCarabine

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    Twice my brother's got super flat tires. (You know the ones with a huge hole through tire and tube,that no matter how many times you fill it, the tire stays flat.)
    I was with him both times and rode home and saved the day
  3. 2stroker

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    got a flat!
    ! Looks like im going for a bike ride!!