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    1950 something Gambles/Hiawatha frame
    Chris Hill CH80 (80cc) 2 stroke
    Custom gas tank -- 3" brass tubing and domed end caps
    Grubee HD rear hub ( Had to kill the band brake, NO way it would fit) went with side pull rear brake..Stormey Archer front drum brake.
    Husky 11 guage spoke 26" wheels with new white rubber
    Parts from Spooky Tooth, battle axe, bike world usa etc...Almost everything new
    Springer forks with gold accents

    The board tracker is coming along very fast now with all the parts here now...These pics are a couple weeks old and I have done quite a bit more to it since...I'm down to final assembly before tear down to paint...Man I cant wait for spring !

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  2. Very nice lookin ride! Nice wheel choice. Those steel rims will generate a fair amt of gyro for you and they're vertually immune to potholes!
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Great looking build.....
    What is the deal with the bent cranks?
    Did you buy them like that?

    Where did you get your Sturmey Archer hub brake?
  4. redpiper777

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    bent cranks

    I bent the original cranks that came on the bike...It wasnt too bad to do, just got them cherry red with a torch and bent them in a vice...They came out really well and have about an 1 1/2" clearance on each side of the engine...I'm thinking of maybe buying a couple sets and selling them after I bend em...I got the rim and hub through "Husky bicycles"...I got lucky and he had a few sets in stock...He said they can take a couple months to get when they run out.....