My bike was stolen!

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    By my wife of all people...

    I showed her how to ride it the other day and she got the hang of it very fast. So this morning her work calls and asked her to come in early because someone was sick. Then I hear "Honey, Im riding the bike to work today." :eek:

    I have made her watch safety videos and she is no stranger to a bike. I gave her a course on starting a cold bike and she managed on the 4th try. I gave her a quick refresher on riding it and she was ready.

    I must admit it was a bit strange watching/hearing my bike ride away from me like that. I have put a few miles on it in the last week and I'm confident it will make the 20 mile round trip. We have a great bus system here too so if she gets spooked she can always use the public transit system to get home. :ack2:

    Has anyone else had this happen? :D

  2. My wife is too short for my cruiser, so no probs there lol. I did salvage an old womens cruiser but added 20s on it for her. Lol its funny looking but she don't even ride it. And yes gotta love the transit system. Especially for myself I gotta take a bridge over our bay and no walking ways or bike lanes.
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    I have noticed a lot of girls get jealous over the time us men spend on our hobbies. I lucked out with this woman though. She supports me and my hobbies 100% no matter what.

    I don't drink or gamble so at least if I go blow a chunk of my paycheck on something I will be able to bring it home and enjoy it for longer then one night.

    She did make it to work and home with no trouble. She has decided the engine is a little loud for her though. I plan to do some mods to quiet the engine down and make it more friendly to sensitive ear drums. Maybe that will keep the dogs in the neighborhood from hating my bike so much too. Something about a 2 stroke ****es dogs off...
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    VROOM, that's great! my wife is the same way. I took the easy way and built her a bike of her own. A 1940 J.C.Higgins (bought for $25!!!). My wife is only 5' but with a laid back and down seat post she still rides on 26"
    I have two soulitions.
    Build her a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke with a long exhaust. It won't make it any quieter but takes the sound away from the riders ear.
    Pics are before and after.

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