Engine Trouble My bike will idle but will die when I ride it...

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by zlwilliams, Aug 7, 2011.

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    So...here is my ordeal

    I have had my bike for several months now and had zero problems with it (except that it would bog down at full throttle). But the other day I was riding it and the muffler rattled the bracket connecting it to the bike and before i know it the tip is getting dragged on the ground. I got a buddy of mine to weld the exhaust together so I wouldn't have that problem anymore and it worked great. Then that night I got it back I left the fuel line on and flooded the engine. Finally got the engine to start and idle but thats all it will do. It will on have very little power if any at all. I changed the spark plug, cleaned everything inside and out (carb included) but still nothing has changed. It has the hardest time to fire and when it finally gets going its VERY choppy and won't rev high at all. Myself and a friend tried to use all of our know how but all that has led to is frustration. I can take pictures of the engine and carb I have if that helps anything! Thanks for any help!


  2. HeadSmess

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    flooded the engine? how did you turn it over the first few times? like me? with sheer brute force?

    blown crank seals ;) easier getting a new engine than replacing :rolleyes7:

    look for petrol/oil in the clutch or magneto... if not...hmmmm
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    Blown crank seals were pretty easy to replace, working out all the bloody tricks to open the case was the challenge for me, took me like a week.

    They're way cheaper than a new engine though, $10 for both seals from rock solid engines, or any bearing shop should be able to get you some if you take in the seals from your motor.