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    Well here is my bike, these photo's where taken about a week ago. Pretty much looks the same now apart from sliced tires and no rear brake which it has now..

    The frame is a Repco ramdon "coaster" type bike that i purchased for Big W in Australia for $100 . I took the coaster brake off the back and removed the whole back wheel and replaced it with a mountain bike back wheel which i then removed the cassettes and replace it with a freewheel fixie cog as you can see in "pic 6". i done so as i like peddling backwards while going forwards if you know what i mean lol

    It is pretty much a stock engine apart from the Speed Carby. Engine is a F80b china type which i purchased from MBB imports Australia. As is it goes 53km/h on flat surface.

    I intend on getting a SBP expansion chamber
    36t speed sprocket (i had one but it was bent) :(
    After market performance bullet/dome head
    HD sprocket adpator/hub thing as i don't trust the rubber things hold the sprocket on.
    NGK plugs and the high performance cdi unit with cords and plug
    A better air filter then the red looking thing on the speed carby
    Boost bottle
    new gas/fuel filter and new gas lines.

    here is my bike below;
    pic 2.jpg

    pic 4.jpg

    Pic 1.jpg

    pic 3.jpg

    pic 5.jpg

    pic 6.jpg