my bikes are a little bizarre

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    my name is kash and i build some nutty machines wuth thehelp of a friend of mine who welds it all together,. they are bmx crossed with 50cc yamaha and lifan motors, but i know nothing about wiring the spark plug to motor wiring stuff,. maybe someone could help kash

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    Hi Kash. Welcome aboard.

    If you read some of these threads here, you'll learn a lot. Just click on any headline that looks interesting.

    Photos of your bikes would be cool.
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    Welcome to MBc Kash!

    I agree with bluegoat - some pics would be great.
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    We like nutty. I use the search tab in the top right side of screen to help me find what i am looking for alot. Best search for it first then ask questions. Make sure to post in the related thread areas or you might get a slap on the wrist (Infraction).
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    Don't let that scare you. Usually you have to post in the wrong area multiple times. If you are ever in doubt, post in the general disscussion area, it will probably get moved, but no harm no foul.Welcome to MBc!
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    Welcome to MBc Kash.
    I too, am not good with the wiring stuff. When I needed to wire up my Lifan, I went to this site:
    (I've also bought parts from Hooper, and find them to be a good supplier)

    After much trial, and many shocks, I got it together.
    Hope that helps.
  7. hi form nh people are willing to help on this site it nice and i agree with bluegoatwoods it would be nice to see some picture