My bikes pedals don't work, how can i start the engine without peddling?<<


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Apr 28, 2021
i bought a 80cc 2 stroke kit on eBay and put it on a spare bike of mine, i put the engine on the bike and everything hooked up,only to realise but the derailor is stuffed, it slips the the chain of the wheel sprocket after about 2 seconds of peddling, is there a different way to start the bike such as a kickstart or could i just roll down a hill, (btw i have not started it yet )(i am very new to motorised bikes)



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Oct 12, 2019
Hiya Harry and Welcome to the Forums :)

You can find a nice gear to peddle in and take the deraileur off if you absolutely need to as long as you
shrten the chain to take up the slack withpout the deraileur.

Also, you can just go down a long hill and pop the clutch.

You can even use a drill to start your engine, i thunk somewhere on here there are links to the piece needed.

Or you can adjust the thing lol you have a few choices.

Ride Safe! :cool:



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Apr 9, 2018
Put the bike up on a block or kickstand and spin the wheel until the motor starts popping then pull the clutch in my neighbor did it all the time. Fix the chain though


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Oct 12, 2011
You can put a pull starter on your engine.....if you have enough room on the side.

Tyler I’ve had that same pull start since it came out. It’s been working awesome. It’s worth that price. When installing, the piece that goes on the magnet 🧲 just take off nut and washer and slide the piece on and then nut only. Apply pull start (outer side piece) with gasket , you might have to slightly pull cord to align it on, then screw to motor. Tyler you probably know this. It’s being said for others that don’t know.These are good once’s you set them up right. Remember if engine is new and you have to pull cord make sure cylinder is getting some oil or gas mixture. That’s why they break no oil or mixture. Plus it will be real hard to pull.