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  1. Alan

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    Hey everyone. Sorry I never really got a chance to share. I finally took a few pics. Both are HT's, but luckily, they've been running great ever since building them a few months back.
    I know, HT and Moondog, both together,............scary !!


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  2. spunout

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    haha...i was going to say something about the fender breakage problem, but i see you've already commented on it.:lol:

    nice lookin' rides. :cool: i think the moondog, and pacific bayview frames (the same) are just right for HT's.
  3. Alan

    Alan Member

    Yeh, I can't believe the front one hasn't snapped yet.
  4. shawnshank

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    Nice rides

    Nice rides! I love the gas tank on the orange bike. Did you make that or buy it somewhere? If you bought it, where can I pick one up?