My boss calls me Whyle E Cyote!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 247Jude, Mar 24, 2009.

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    I started motorbicycling in the fall, starting with 2.10 untill I wore out the tires, had one wipe out over a tree that fell across the bike trail. Lost a couple of fenders on the way home, along the way got a flat and busted a peddle on another day. Retired that frame and stared with my current one. which I used aluminum wheels, witch was a mistake. Ran most the winter with a Ktrac on the back untill I split the trac, saving the replacements for next winter. Currently have studed 1.75

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    Sorry it took so long for someone to say hello back. Sometimes new posts get lost in the shuffle.

    But we're a pretty well-meaning crowd here. You'll enjoy it.

    Tell us a bit more about your bike.
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    Welcome Whyle !!!!
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    Welcome to MBc!
  6. 247Jude

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    I put a ktrak on a 18 inch buffalo Cyclo frame with a sport tec front suspention off a 16, 24. I then attached a back rack with a 97cc 4 cycle out of a baja off road bike. Keeping the original drive, the 26 inch wheel is too much for the clutch. Uninpeded it screems, but with me on it, it needs. asistance. I also have my daily, which is a percition mustach saved from the dump, it has mercalli front suspention, hirise handle bar and goose neck. Zac2000 alumium front rim with innova studded 26x1.75 rubber. The same was on the back untill it disinagrated, imploded! Now it has a steel wheel with same rubber. It also has bike plant carbon fenders, and supercycle jell comfort sadle. It also has sanyo dyno headlight with a truck marker light for the rear hooked up to a switch and motor dyno. All 12 volt. I am running a ch80 from Chris Hill. I go about 29 kilometers to work one way each day. It takes from 40 minutes to 55 depending on the weather. I have pictures posted on facebook, I could not down load here from my phone. I did have the Ktrak on the mustach and worked great in the snow.
  7. 247Jude

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    So far I have gone through one spark plug. One throdle cable ($17), two brass cable ties, which has frayed my clutch cable. Two aluminum back wheels, and misfortuned two steel back rims! One tire tube, one ktrak track, a complete set of break shoes, lord knows how many headlight bulbs(may be 10) And one main link thrown twice. It is a lot of maintainance but I think worth it.
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    Welcome to MBc!
    I do have to say you are committed to the sport. There is a lot of modifications here that may help you out. Enjoy.
  9. 247Jude

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    I lost the tip of my muffler the other day, boy what a shot of boost! But way to loud, it doubled the out put at least! I went back for the tip but it was too late; it got run over by a truck and squashed it out of shape. Any body got a spare.
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    welcome ! let the madness begin! youll love it, i can tell!
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    I remember the first time my muffler guts popped out on me. At almost the same time, a motorcycle appeared in the distance coming at me. And I thought, "My Gawd, that's a loud bike.......wait a minute. Is that me?"

    Second time it happened, my rear tire rolled right over it and was immediately flattened.

    So I got a new bolt, with a hex head instead of slotted, and a lock washer. Now it's pretty stable.

    So far it seems that no one has a spare for you. But don't worry, they're not all that expensive. You can probably get one for $35.00 (after S & H)
  12. 247Jude

    247Jude Member

    I made a temp, out of copper tube and a large washer, it is keeping it quiet for the time being untill I can get anouther exhaust.
  13. 247Jude

    247Jude Member

    larger output for the exhaust would be purfered

    I am finding that the bike breathes better, and has a lot more power, but it goes in a cycle and slows down a little when going full throtle, I have been using platinum 4 plugs, and they have good color. It is surprizing how much pull it has now and I would be willing to go to a smaller sprocket and do not exspect it to slow down any even on the hills.
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