My BRAND NEW Completed Motorized 66cc Scwhinn 26" Cruiser!

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    I finally finished the bike! It's awesome and very solid. The motor is rock solid as well! Won't budge! It has 7 speeds, and then the motor of course! The brakes stop it so fast that I have to pull the clutch and then PUMP the levers or the motor will cut from the sudden stop! On my other bikes I'd let the engine slow down while braking and THEN clutch to a stop. This is opposite now! I've rode all over and the pads are still like new! I hope this serves me well! There are several pictures of the chain not tensioned... the bike is complete and everything is as it should be all nuts and bolts are secure! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I'd have to say this is probably the best build I've done! Definitely the safest when it comes to brakes.

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