My brothers 2 stroke... top speed

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Toysaresuss, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Toysaresuss

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    Was mine now is his, Top speed is: 75 kph..


  2. 46mph with that thing?....?....?don't tell me thats a 44t sproket too.
    You dont even have a shiftkit on there.
  3. Toysaresuss

    Toysaresuss New Member

    Yes indeedy with that thing. And no it had a 26t sprocket when it reached that speed. My brother changed it to a 44t because he has some weight on him.
  4. Pablo

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    46.5 mph. Stock? With that padlock and chain?:eek:

    I have some doubts. Perfectly flat, with no tail wind and floppy chain?

    Possible, but doubtful. Not many see that speed, even with a pipe and decent mods.
  5. srdavo

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    Yes... 26t sprocket at 5700rpms would hit that speed.

    Lots of pedaling to take of, eh?

    Seems much more practical with the 44t sprocket.
  6. Toysaresuss

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    It was a perfect night with hardly no wind, The gearing with the motor was change by previous owner, it was on a crappy bike when i brought it off him, so i popped in on a racer frame. probably the reason why it hit that speed. I did peddle at the start but not much.

    I sold it to my brother for $100AU. He change it to another bike because he thought it was a death trap on the racer frame, i used it to see how much speed you can reach with them, he uses it as a everyday get around. that why the padlock and chain is on it now.
  7. Next time you post a speed also post a pic of the bike the engine was on at the time and the sprocket that you used to reach those speeds.
  8. motorpsycho

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    with a 26 tooth sprocket, the bike would have NO take would have to peddle it up to probably 15-20 mph and then release the clutch. I can see how it MIGHT hit that speed with a 26 tooth sprocket, but it probably took 1/2 mile to get up to that speed (in my opinion)
  9. flashstar

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    Yeah, and I got my bike to 55 mph with a 40t sprocket and I don't even need to pedal off of the line....

    I apologize but a 26t sprocket would require a LOT of pedalling off of the line. My HT with a 40t sprocket requires that the rider be going at least 6 mph before the engine will even consider starting. I could see how 46 mph would be possible but it would need to be during perfect conditions on a perfectly flat straight away. It would require a lot of pedalling however.
  10. Maybe he had the engine and bike in the trunk of his car when he was doing those speeds,lol.
  11. Hawaii_Ed

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    Congrats! I am sure that thing was screaming!
  12. robin bird

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    Behind a car by 6 inches with a wind shield you could do it !!
  13. Nitropeewee

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    Man hope everybodies got thier boots on cause its gettin deep in here!! Ha! Ha!