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    ok my current build which is my own bike is a 20" inch 1973 schwinn sting ray that i have been building for a few months now and it was is my first build. currently i am in the process of painting everything so i currently have it torn down but hoping to get the paint finished up soon and start putting it all back together. ill list what all is done to it below20" inch 1973 schwinn sting ray frame painted satin black with matte clearnew chrome head set bearing races and new bearings and grease20" inch chrome springer front fork with satin black springchrome flip down fork pegsoriginal chrome stem cleaned up a littlewald 13" inch high rise handle bars 7/8"black aluminum upgraded throttle handle7/8" light/turn signal/horn switch9" heavy duty angle bracket mirrorschrome bullet style head light with red led halo in it and 6000k led head light bulbblack led harley davidson turn signals for front and rearwald steel fenders painted gloss white with gloss clear2.5l gas tank (being painted gloss white with gloss clear)tan pure leather front tool bagone piece wide crank with new bb set and chrome twisted bird cage style low rider pedalswhite wall lowrider tiresblack rear rack88-89 zuma 50cc tail/brake light custom rear tail light/turn signal brackets2 xtr 6 volt 7ah batteries with custom tray and bracket to mount under rear rack all custom electrical system with rectifier to charge batteries off the motor35 tooth billet rear sprocketbillet ported straight shot intake manifold and racing carbbillet exhaust header and im sure im forgetting some stuff and there is still much more to go ill post pics asap

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    ok so i have come to where i am having a hard time figureing a few things out and i do have some questions. first i was wondering about some heavy duty wheels for a 20" inch was thinking some BMX wheels 36 spoke double wall rims but have to have 3/8" axles, was wondering if anyone knew of a good set or if anyone made custom wheels due to i would like to i would like the rim and hubs to be black with white spokes and chrome nipples, and my next issue i have come to is brakes. I would like to use disc brakes on this project but was not sure of clearance or if there was a set that would be compatible with a 20" inch bike? i dont want to go and buy the disc brake set just to find out i cant use it, so was wondering if anyone else has attempted this. My last and final issue is an exhaust. being that its a 20" inch bike im having an issue finding anything useable on my build due to everything i have tried hangs down to low and hits the ground. i would like a decent expansion chamber with high flow muffler to increase the power, any info to help with these isues would be appreciated.

    my last few questions are if i do use the kx65 expansion chamber and pro circuit exhaust i was told i would need to tighten the clutch springs and have the cylinder ported, i was planning on buying a ported cylinder soon and the diamond high compression head and ngk plug and jaguar performance cdi coil so thats all taken care of, but i could not find any info on how to tighten the clutch springs and was told to ruff up the clutch pads slightly with some sand paper is this true?

    and last was told to lock tite all the bolts on the motor and upgrade to stronger engine bolts, are the bolts that come in the motor not strong enough already?
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    A 70s Stingray is a tight fit for a China Girl engine, but they look great. For strong wheels, I would just buy a used kids 20" multi-gear mountain bike from a yard sale. It won't cost much, and you could use a lot of parts from it.
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    I been trying to post pics but for some reason my phone will not let me UI load then on the thread but if you check my page I have alot of pics of all of our projects
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    My current build as listed below

    -1973 schwinn stingray 20" inch
    Frame stripped and painted satin black with matte finish clear
    New lower bracket cups and bearings
    New black one piece crank and hardware
    Aluminum 25 tooth sprocket to solve the clearance issues we had with the motor hitting the original 40 tooth sprocket
    Chrome twisted birdcage style low rider 9/16" pedals
    Reused original headset bearing races
    New headset bearings and hardware
    Chrome 20" inch Springer front fork for 1" inch headset with black spring installed
    Wald steel fenders sanded down primed and painted gloss white with gloss clear
    Original schwinn stem
    Wald 13.5" high rise handle bars
    Custom chrome bullet style head light with red LED halo and 6000K LED head light bulb
    Harley front turn signals with custom bracket
    9 1/2" angle bracket rear view mirrors
    Black billet handle grips for 7\8" handles bars with aluminum throttle
    Alex rims double wall black rims with 14 gauge chrome spokes and nipples and black sealed 3/8" hubs with white wall low rider tires and chrome skull valve stem caps
    Rear rack
    Chrome twisted birdcage steel seat post
    Huffy black and white suspension seat
    Crank chain guard painted satin black with matte finish clear and cut with custom bracket
    Black china girl 66cc motor kit with upgrades such as port matched straight shot billet intake, race carb and air filter, boost bottle, spring chain tensioner, heavy duty chain, 35tooth rear sprocket with hub adapter. Chain guard painted gloss white with gloss clear

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff bit there is lots more to come still planning on buying a 9hp race motor and still waiting on parts to finish up the lighting system check out my albums on my page for pics. I tried to upload pics on the thread but it currently will not let me from my phone for some reason. Please let me know what you guys think of the build and any suggestions etc. Would be appreciated.
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    Ok I have a big question about this build, I was able to spread the rear of the frame apart to allow for a 5 speed rear hub and installed a detailed and shifter and shifter cable, now my big question is does anyone know if I would be able to install a jackshaft kit on my 1973 schwinn sting ray and if so has it been done and does anyone have any pics. I been looking into this and have seen alot of other people using them but could not find any on a 20" inch bike. So please any info on this would be a great help. I was looking at the sick bikes kit bur again clearance issues have become my concern and honestly I do not have the $145 to waste on something I am not going to be able to use. So please help.