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I also hate the push button clutch and prefer the older style. The bad news is that for some reason I can't get any of the alternate fleabay sellers clutch lever to fit any of my bikes.

I have two BGF powered bikes now and am very pleased with them. My last kit from them had upgraded components and a better throttle assembly with integrated kill switch then the Dax kit. As a bonus, it came with a 50 tooth sprocket which saved me $$ because a 44tooth sprocket doesn't work well in Colorado. BTW, cables are plenty long and I had to cut my throttle cable because it was too long for my newest Skyliner.

The new BGF kits have wrist pin roller bearings.
To be honest I'm not sure about the bike. I have been an ardent cobbler since I retired my cameras. I have pieced together cameras so piecing together bikes seemed the same thing on a bigger scale. I have to check to see if the engine kit will fit on my 24" sissy schwinn before I begin.

I was going to tear my electric Huffy apart for the frame, but decided to keep it an ebike. I am going today to buy a large frame mountain bike from the thrift store as this is 'half price' day. I will be switching components from it to the Schwinn if not using it for the donar. I'll let you know.

After having done some discussion on a different thead, I would like to use a coaster rear wheel and front hand brakes on the right side of the handlebars with the accelerator.

I for darn sure need the bigger better seat on the mt bike. Oh yeah I'm buying the smallest kids bike I can get for trailer wheels. The one I saw yesterday would be $5 at half price. it had the best tires or it. the 'big' mtb will be 8.50 today. Under twenty bucks for both bikes and all the parts they give up.

I have never torn down a mtb, but I'm wondering if I can use its derailer end as a chain guide.

Ps cut and edit anywhere you like, I'm just doing a free thought information about my novice build. Before my brain went numb I used to be a hobby novelist, I'm sure it will get to be too long winded.
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Just as an interesting side note.. We have been in a sever drought all this year. Water restrictions and fines are everywhere. No rain at all TILL... I ordered the bike kit. Since the very day I placed the order it has rained at least a little almost everyday. there is more in the forecast. Even if i get the bike assembled, the way things are going I won't be able to test it for months. So if you having a drought where you live consider a new bike build.
I got a couple of bikes at the thrift shop and I might use one for the motor kit. It is some kind of strange mountain bike. It has a very heavy frame two hand brakes and is about six speeds I think. Front crank set is just a single large sprocket.

My plan at the moment is to

1.move the front hand brake cable from the left hand to the right.
2.Take the rear wheel off and replace it with a 24inch coaster wheel and brake.
3.Remove the hand brake caliper from the rear wheel. Remove the derailer from the rear wheel and evaluate what if any use can be made of it.
4. leave the left hand brake lever and use it for the clutch lever if possible.

Anybody have any thoughts as to a better plan. Oh yeah it has a big seat for my big seat and it has coaster type handle bars so I can actually keep them. I didn't realize all that till I actually checked it out again.

I also got a tiny lil bike to use the wheels from on a trailer. all for under 13 bucks.

I would take a picture but the rain is still falling and my camera flash on the digital is useless.
If you plan to actually pedal the bike for any considerable distance then you'll want to use the engine kit's clutch lever for it's ability to "lock" into position; otherwise you'll have to keep squeezing the lever the entire time that you'd like the clutch disengaged.

<captain_picard> ENGAGE!</captain_picard>

Where do you live that it's raining so? The pacific northwest? :shrug:
To be honest I really hate this kit already.

I am going back to building it on the schwinn because all my other frames are too large. There is no way to add a front hand brake so I may add a rear one instead. Just as an emergency brake or look for something else to use. Plus I found a bad bearing when I pulled the rear wheels so everything is on hold while I go buy a bearing set tomorrow.

In three hours today I managed to try the bike engine on two bike ten ways and still dont have it on anything lol. Also the sprocket isnt on anything either.

I think the only time ill be pedling is to get up a hill and start off. With a little luck the bike will take care of itself otherwise.
To be honest I really hate this kit already.
that's why we call it the "happy-time." you will keep hating it or grow to love the lil creature, wait'n see :rolleyes:

...With a little luck the bike will take care of itself otherwise.
yeah, and then you woke up :LOL::LOL:

i'm kidding, we've all "been there" and are relating :)

no matter what frame it winds up in, it must be solidly in place before you even bother getting on with the install. don't be compromising integrity too much for looks (or expediency)...i'm just saying, because after the day you just described i know the anticipation level is approaching "critical stage" ;);)

btw-are you checking for fit with the spark plug in and the carburetor on? don't get caught off-guard by that :eek:

keep us posted :cool:
Plug is in carb is off. I have decided that come h*** or high water it is going on the 24" wheel. I'm going to work on the sprocket today. I always wanted it on the smaller 24" bike and it fits that frame best. I think that if It doesn't do well on it, I will just move on to a 26" bike frame from the thrift store with smaller tubes and then the 24" wheel I am going wind up rebuilding.

Im giving some thought now to redoing the spokes while I'm at it. Not sure about that though. I have to go to the bike shoppe (Man with mask and gun behind he counter) to get the bearing set. I might price out the spoke kit while I'm there.

It's supposed to rain today, so I'm not rushing to finish.

No I'm not antsy. It is five am and I'm up trying to figure all this out.

About the mountain bike owned by the basketball player from the thrift shop. I did everything I wanted to do. I even rode it before the kit came. Of course the kit doesn't come close to fitting on it. But it was a great ride.

If the little schwinn works out, Im going to canabalize it for the seat and pedals. Need something bigger for the schwinn. If they will fit that is.
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First an update. I mounted the sprocket on the rear wheel of the schwinn and it seems okay of course I wont really know till I get the bike up and going. The engine mounts fit with the help of a 1" rubber hose I had left over from my electric bike.

I have decided that I will prowl ebay tonight and buy a hand brake for the rear wheel as a safety feature. Depending on what you tell me I might get a brake leaver to switch out for that darned clutch lever that came with the kit.

Now here is the help I need at the moment.

1. How the devil do you attach the clutch to the lever. I got it attached to the clutch itself. It's the handlebar lever that is giving me fits. I can't find anywhere to secure the plastic sheath. Does it just hang loose at the bottom of the handle bar lever.

2. Okay I got the throttle on but have no idea how to hook it to the carb. I thought I did. but when I removed the little cap with what appears to be a pass through for the cable, there is a spring but nothing else. There is a plate of some kind with a hole in the bottom but i cant for the life of me figure it out. If you can help me please do.

PS.. where is that guy who can put his first kit together in two hours.
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the sheathing goes all the way to the lever
if you will be trolling e-bay, you might want to look for locking brake levers (bmx'rs use em for stunts)can be used for clutch

search 'carb install' for the 2nd question