My bulk buy of 66cc's

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  1. Hi all

    I ordered quite a few 66cc slant heads from China and they are due within the next few hours! I have seen a photo of them however i have no details to what they are etc. I will post a few photos of one once they arrive to see if anyone can identify them.

    Most will be used for projects and others will be sold in my ecobike shop once they have been thoroughly checked.

    Its like Christmas haha

    Happy Safe Riding all

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  2. bakaneko

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    If you sell the motors, I had an idea for vendors a few weeks ago regarding making the assembly process easier. I feel that you can actually check and assemble the entire motor with the engine, exhaust, carb, mounts (taped) connected, chain threaded (also cut if possible), throttle connected. The ragjoint can also be cut, and taped so all the customer needs to do is to put the bolts in. For those with engine experience, this comes second nature but for those without its daunting. I mean this will also cut down on the possibility of the customer assembling it incorrectly or not tightening the bolts adequetely and coming back to you and saying it doesnt work. just an idea, LOL
  3. I love the idea! It certainly saves the hassle of customers stripping the head bolts and potentially destroying the engine before building anything ! I'd like to find a way to mark all nuts and bolts once I've adjusted all so I can check if my customers have tampered with anything. Still sitting here twiddling my thumbs awaiting the delivery lol

  4. bakaneko

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    yeh, the other part is to test the motor on a test bike with a test chain. so you can say that it has been tested for functionality and has passed. of course, you cannot guarentee anything but having it atleast fire up and inspected would be a good selling point. LOL
  5. KCvale

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    You bought 'quite a few' engine kits and you don't know what they are?
    Did you buy them from an unsolicited e-mail offer from Woodpecker?
  6. Yes i had been offered engines for a very good price. I dont care so much on quality for my projects though buy only the best for customers. I enjoy toying around with engines. I bought 12 Skyhawks last year that have been put to good use. This year i was offered the remains of a business so decided i would buy it all as theres many spare parts. The parts in total would cost more than what ive paid so if the engines are junk then hey ho. Its always a gamble ordering from the other side of the world though i spent a few years working and getting to know people. Everything ive received in the past has been ok. So far lol
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    Cool bud ;-}
  8. Woohoo they have arrived and all the casing screws wont budge ahhhh. Applied some heat and nothing. Might be a drill job and re tap
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    Just wondering, how come you're splitting the cases already?
  10. KCvale

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    Naw, don't take a drill to it, with a big enough screw driver they will break free, I put a crescent to the handle for a little more leverage and the bolts come right out.
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    you should take a picture of yourself swimming in 66cc 2-stroke engines. :D
  12. butre

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    use an impact screwdriver to remove those bolts
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  13. Legwon

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    impact driver!!
    like butre mentioned.
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    I am in Portstewart Northern Ireland.
    I have had the same problems with the screws. Get your self the tightest fitting star head from your socket set and use the socket wrench to remove the screws. It only takes the smallest amount of turn and you will hear the satisfying click of the brass seperating from the aluminium. The reason for this tightness is that the brass screw has welded itself to the Ali. Never put two dissimilar metals together etc etc etc.
    I buy in bulk from China myself, but beware I was the subject of an attempted scam by a Chinese supplier who trades on eBay U.k.

    My email is