Carby My Carb is leaking fuel?

Wheres it leaking at on the carb? Have you tried tightening any bolts? Maybe a new gasket is in order. Is it the fuel line? Etc..........................................
yes its where the fuel line goes into carb, and the container type part on the bottom of carb, its comming out threw the edges. Yes I did try to tighten, still leaks a little. Any suggestions?
Hmmm, take it apart, check for torn gasket, use gasket tack on new gasket and reseal. Check float height (search this topic), check inlet nipple has gasket and is seated. Check to ensure that fuel line is sealed to fuel nipple-most fuel lines aren't or stiffen and leak. Its pretty much common sense stuff.
its the float, it happened to mine, i orderd a new one,, felt stupid cause then i figured it out..