My Catrike Expedition GX-R

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    This is a 2011 Catrike Expedition set up for touring with a GEBE + Honda GX35 and a one gallon tank. Avid BB7 twin disk brakes up front for safe stopping and Schwalbe Marathon tires for many miles and no flats. Very comfy for long rides. I mounted the engine aft so I can still use my rack for touring panniers and stuff on top. It cruises easy at 20, nicely at 25 and tops out at 30. Put on the bigger cog and it will go 33 flat out. This is a seriously fun machine! I ride in rural areas only so being low is not a problem. I have since added a mast and flags.
    DSCF0275.jpg DSCF0274.jpg

    DSCF0272.jpg DSCF0279.jpg

    DSCF0281.jpg DSCF0271.jpg

  2. powerstroke

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    AWESOME! I bet its so much fun to ride. Enjoy it my friend, and well done with the mounting.
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    I have a tadpole trike without a motor that I ride when not riding my motorized bike. I am currently working on plans to do a motorized trike, I hope it turns out as nice as yours.
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    Sweet ride, man!
    Do you think having the motor out back evens out the handling? I've been thinking about building a trike, and would be curious as to your impressions in that regard.
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    I put it in back so I could still carry full panniers and a load on the top of the rack. In the usual 12 o'clock position the noise would be deafening. Pretty loud as it is with a pannier in the way of the sound to quiet it a bit. Doesn't affect handling. Still corners on rails.
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    Great build. My old man's bike will be a tadpole trike with an autoshift system on it. This is what I'll build for myself when I get too old for two wheels.