My chain popped

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by Venom, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Venom

    Venom New Member

    So I was crusing and the motor chain popped. A bolt holding my engine in place came out so it was being held by one which caused it to vibrate and I guess the chain rubbed and broke.

    I'm a noob so what size chain can I use? And where to get it?

    It is a random ebay kit.

  2. 2strokepoke

    2strokepoke Member

    I believe you can just go to a bike shop and pick up a standard BMX single speed chain. not sure of the technical specs sorry.
  3. ddesens

    ddesens Member

    Mine broke also. I used #41 chain and its worked great.
  4. Venom

    Venom New Member

    Cool thanks. Where did you get it from?

    Online? Or is there a store(Chain, not local)

    Cus' I don't wanna wait for it to arrive. but if I must then I guess ill wait
  5. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I personally would not go with a bmx chain. I tried one on mine and it fit the rear sprocket fine. It would not line up with the teeth on the front sprocket tho. The front sprocket teeth on my engine were spaced further apart than the spaces on the bmx chain.
    I would go with the bigger 415 chain (like motorcycle size) you can find them on e-bay.
    BUT, that's just my opinion.
  6. Venom

    Venom New Member

    Any cons to getting the 415?