My chopper Made by Grubee.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by brisbane_boy, Feb 14, 2009.

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  2. srdavo

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    nice looking bike!!

    Tip: :detective: you might check the wheel bearings for grease....

    & keep an eye on all the welds on the frame.

    Gonna be a great motor bike!!!!
  3. azbill

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    what he said !!!
    grubee's last chopper frame here in the states had a bad rep for cracks
    and their hubs were packed with rust preventor instead of grease
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Something I never thought of until now; that rear wheel looks like it's definitely up to the job.

    Might be one big advantage to these choppers when motorizing.
  5. graucho

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    Nice find. I agree, its always a good idea going over the entire bike before the first ride.
    This will be a fun project for you. Send more pic's when the engine's installed. Enjoy!
  6. brisbane_boy

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    thanks for the info guy. Ill go check it all out. Iv been rideing it just round the block with no motor.( its bloody hard to pedal uphills)
  7. zackwyldefan

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    it happens to a lot of us or may be only to few of us but when the bike arrives in a big box and shipping guy brings it to your place looking for a tip, you hurriedly open the whole thing to realize that u r missing parts or some other dilemma. but i guess we all have been able to fix and learn more about our bikes. to share my experince , my huge chopper bike came and it was missing the headset and seat clamps. and i didnt knew anything about headsets or their kinds but after about 3 failed attempts i found the right headset and the bike was rolling. at first i thought i have assembled the front part wrong thats why its all wobly but i figured i was missing a part. i talked to people right here at mb forum and they were super cool. finally one day i got my bike out on the backyardm swithced the headlights on and fixed the mirror and went for a quick round. anyways awesome bike man! keep those wheels turning.
  8. jlebh1

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    I just ordered the same bike lo pretty good
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    hey how much room is there in where the carby goes cause I might use my performance carby
  11. Simon_A

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    Where did you get it from?
  12. brisbane_boy

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    hey jake. Im not to sure about a performance carby, the stock 1 if a tight fit.
    Hey simon i got the bike off ebay from a guy in sydney.
    his got a new more on there.
  13. Simon_A

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    Umm got a link?
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  15. ENO

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    stingray chopper-

    Hey Brisbane Boy..Got one the same nearly finished..Couldnt help noticing the motor that a base section channel that covers the entire lower frame to beat the eliptical shape..your build ? or come supplied..its neat and solves a lot of mucking around with fitting...I designed my own but its not as neat as that..The Stingrays look great chopped and powered and they are getting harder to find..I actually have two (red and black)..$50 private sale and $100 Rebel Sports when they stopped importing them from the states twelve months ago...Eye stoppers..but they might also catch the eye of the Highway Patrol boys..80cc (over 200 watts) not street to say its a 48cc as no marking to say 80cc and hope you spot them first / slow down / and use the pedals pretending its gutless and all for show..Check out my pics and enjoy the beast...ENO..Newcastle..OZ
  16. brisbane_boy

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    that a nice lookin chopper ENO. Mine came with those mounts on it. does ur chain rub againt the tyre??. my sprocket on the bak wheel is moved out with washers to make sure my chain dosent hit the frame.

    Yer havent had any trobel with the ppl in blue YET.
    Hope they got better things to do.