my chopper with the motor (complete)

Here it is with the Huasheng 4 stroke engine It's still unpainted but have been riding it and getting lots of looks


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i want one of those engines where do you buy just the engine the chinese one not the honda
Thankyou all for your kind words, and i will now cheerfully answer your questions,
1. Tank : yes quite correct, it is a WCC tank, my son found a whole bike on curbside waste collection and brought it home for me, The tank was just a steel dummy tank, no filler neck or hole for the gas cap, i had purchased an inverter welder on ebay for $160.00 U.S. and welded up the seams on the tank to make it watertight, and cut a hole for the filler neck, made a filler neck and top flange for the gas cap, and made an outlet pipe (90 degree)Put bondo over the 90 degree welds, Painted tank metalic Gold,sprinkled hologram glitter over the wet paint, then 2 coats of clear to finnish, quite pleased with the effect.

2.Crank clearance for engine: yes the engine was not going to fit, so i cut an old crank arm in 2 places and re-welded it and the same with the other side, quite easy with the 160 amp D.C. inverter welder, it does metal from 1 mm to 5mm thick and apparently scratch tig, stainless steel, best thing i ever bought. except for my Huasheng.

3.I purchased my Huasheng 4 stroke 49cc engine from Revolution cycles ebay site ( i am not connected with this company) i purchased his product and are quite happy with the engine, if buying the whole kit, make shure you get the stage 2 grubee gearbox not the JL gearbox ( it is very noisy) others have noted this in numerous posts on this forum this vendor sells the stage 2 gbox but you can buy from at least 2 places in U.S. that i know of.

thankyou all for your interest, it was a pleasure answering your enquiries,:D adrian , Australia.