Clutch My clutch is jammed and would like some help

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Patdon10, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Not really sure where to post this. Long story short, I haven't touched my bike for years. I got an 80cc motor bike kit for x-mas in '08. It was very confusing, because the directions were terrible, and parts were missing. After a lot of confusion, I finally got everything mounted up to what I believed to be properly. However, the bike never went into "free mode". No matter, how hard I tried, or how many different ways I positioned the clutch arm, it never worked for me. I realized that the engine didn't have the ball bearing inside, nor did it have the pin, so I put both those in hoping it would free the clutch. Nope.

    I simply don't have the know how to take apart the clutch and see what the issue is. I told myself years ago I was going to simply buy a new motor, and hope that clutch worked, but this motor has less than a mile on it (I could get it to start by riding down hill, it just takes A LOT of force to overcome the piston compression). So my question is, could I mail my engine to someone? Would they be able to diagnose it and maybe even fix it for me? Obviously, I would pay them, but I've simply become to frustrated with this bike...

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    Where did you get your kit? If it came without the bucking bar and bearing, the vendor might help you out. Plan B....many of those clutches stick from shipping. Many of our members have had good luck by smartly hitting the bucking bar with a soft head hammer. Might be a good "quick fix" before taking things apart.
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    I honestly couldn't tell you where I got it from anymore. I think it was or bikeberrys. Something like that. I believe I did try the bucking bar "hammer whack". I can always try it again when I get back home in 2 weeks, but I don't think it will do anything.