My Clutch Locked up 50cc HT... help?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by scribbles, Dec 1, 2008.

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    The other day i took my bike for a nice ride and then the rear wheel locked up. I thought it was the coaster brake but when i removed the the clutch cover on the Happy time engine. I saw that the big gear that spins behind the clutch plate when the engine idols dropped and was stuck on the bottom of the clutch pan. I hope this makes sense if not i will post pictures later....

    Thank you for the help
    Patrick :scooter:

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    Was there any metal "dust" under the cover? or loose ball bearings?
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    Help Help Help

    I am reviving this 2 yr old thread because this is the EXACT problem I'm having. I've got about 15 miles on my motorbike and while I was last riding it it became sluggish and slowed and finally stopped. Now when the clutch is engaged it is VERY hard to turn the petals or wheel. Also, I pulled the cylinder head off and the piston is NOT moving while the crank is turned. I hope this only means something moderately bad. I will post some pics to help describe the problem.

    As the pictures says the outer gear ring on the clutch cover does not turn, only the inner part does and I have to crank VERY hard on the other side to get it to. Also as I said the piston does not move when I turn the crank. What you see is as far as I have it torn down.

    Also, on a side note, when I started tearing it down I saw the spark plug hole was leaking a little oil, and when I pulled the head off I noted the bolts did not seem very tight. I'm guessing they were just a little loose from the factory allowing the cylinder pressure to push out a little oil?

    One more thing, the top of my motor turned brown. I was worried that I had the bike running too lean and it ran too hot which caused this to happen. Or is this normal? Maybe a chemical coating burning off or something?

    Please help me guys! Especially with the main clutch problem!!!

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    Help Help Help
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    With the studs removed, the cylinder (jug) should just slip off of the piston. If it doesn't, your engine is locked up.

    You're right - judging from the discoloration, the engine was running too lean and overheated.
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    Well I pulled the "jug" off and the cylinder and piston look fine. I broke a piston ring in the process but I'll just order a new set on eBay for $12 Unless someone thinks that's a bad idea and knows where I can get better ones.

    Anyways, I pretty much had the jug pulled off and the clutch cover off and then tried to turn the motor and it started rotating just fine. Anyone have any ideas as to why it was bound up? Remember, before when the clutch lever was out it all of a sudden became VERY hard to rotate the motor.