My comfort cruisin Machine!!

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    :Here is my Bike i have had my motor for going on closer to 5 yrs
    king's motorbikes kit have always kept mix at 20:1 have iriduim plug that
    cost me $13.00 they were real spendy but worth it i still have not fouled
    never even offered to got a little to oily couple of times just clean & re-install
    good to go when i cruise without alot of stops it burns perfect tan color!!:tt1:
    here is some pics OF My girl:bowdown: just did some porting on the intake&
    the exhuast!! I also put another hole in the main pipe in the muffler for more
    flow have several holes in the exit tube up closer to end!! it makes better
    flow just barly louder!! well worth if gets to loud ill putt some of the steel
    pot scrubers in, the course kind works exellent for sound absorbing you can
    use fiberglass but messy to clean the steel just remove clean with carb
    cleaner or burn with PP torch!! Well till i get my heavy duty freewheel just settle for 36 tooth a least its reliable lots of fun too!! EVERYONE STAY COOL RIDE ON INTO THE SUNSET!!! TILL WE CAN FLY!! RIDE ON!!
    PUTT'IN'PTOWN:grin5: 030.jpg