My cruiser

I just found this website and it rocks! I've been riding this for about 4 years now. It's alot of fun and has never let me down.


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Nice sleek looking bike. What can you tell us about that muffler? Is it custom made? Is it quiet?
Nice classic cruiser, and welcome to MBc! Please take the time to post an introduction in the "Introduce Yourself" section, as we like to have all new members do that.
your bike looks sweeeeeet. is that a Schwinn Jaguar? i'm digging that exhaust too, looks cool with the heat wrap.

also awesome that you've been riding it for four years- that speaks volumes for reliability. where did you get your kit from?
Thanks for all the great comments.

The bike is a Huffy cruiser bought at Wal-Mart. It originally had fenders and white wall tires. The engine kit (55cc) was purchased from Simpson motorbikes. I bought the muffler used from a local scooter dealer. I think it might be for a pocket bike, but I’m not sure. I hacked the original muffler off and attached a pipe to extend towards the back and attached the new muffler. I think it’s quiet as or quieter than the original. It definitely has more power. It did run lean with the new pipe even on the richest setting. So I put a few small washers under the c-clip to raise the needle and it was good to go.
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