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  1. Thatperson

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    Hello. Thought that I would post some pics of my bike. It's a Huffy Cranbrook. I got the 66cc 2-stroke and it's a blast. I painted the chain guard and tank to match the bike. I even got pinstripe to put on the tank to match the frame. I don't have pics of that right now though. My uncle picked up and engine kit to for his Schwinn DelMar. His bike is in the last pic. Let me know what you think.







  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Good looking stuff.

    The Cranbrook has always looked to me like a very good bike for this job.

    If I were to view it with an eye toward criticism, I'd say that the Cranbrook is just a bit "bland" in the looks dept. But that can be viewed as a strength; you have a fresh canvas to make you work of art with.

    So if you want to put in the time, then I'd suggest a bit more pin-striping. And maybe change the pedals. The ones that it comes with just look a bit cheesy to me.

    But you've still got a good looking machine there.
  3. crazeehorse

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    They both look Great. Good Soild, Neat job on both. But you'd better get a good, inline fuel filter. the sooner the better. get one that you can see through. you'll be much happier, than if you did'nt.
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  4. Thatperson

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    I put some pin stripes on the tank and the chain guard, I just don't have pics of them yet. My inline filter was also put on after the pics were taken, I was in a hurry to get it together and try it so I skipped that part.

    All I have left to do for now is get a seat post that is angled back because I feel cramped on the bike, and I also want to get all white tires. I like the look of the old time bikes. And I also read up here that I need to do some work to the fenders so I don't go for an unexpected ride!
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  5. Nice clean build! Definately attend to the fenders!
  6. ENO

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    Mate..That is a really nice looking bike..Ive always liked the "cream look"..its gives it that old world 50s style..very clean..ENO (Down Under)
  7. kitcarguy

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    wow very nice looking.
  8. seanhan

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    Nice build !!!
  9. Thatperson

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    Thanks everyone! I'll get some updated pics posted soon. I finished the pinstriping on the tank and the rear fender, plus I got a digital speedo mounted up. I wanted ad old style gauge, but couldn't find one around here.
  10. vegaspaddy

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    Sweet build Thatperson the bikes look like beauts,

    l bet it took one ride before that uncle of yours ordered his kit,

    safe riding VP...
  11. Thatperson

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    He didn't even ride it. He stopped over to check it out and he started to help with my build and that night he was on the computer ordering his kit.
  12. pooja84

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    Its awesome. Really different from others. Keep it up!!
  13. Thatperson

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    Here is a shot of the tank with the pinstripes. I got them at the auto parts store for a couple bucks.

  14. azbill

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    the striping suits your bike well!!!
    nice job :cool2:
  15. KilroyCD

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    Very nice looking build! I'm kinda partial to the cream color as well (my Whizzer sports cream fenders). One word of caution regarding Cranbrooks, and that is to make quite sure the front fender is anchored more securely than the standard factory set-up. I've heard a number of stories of the mounting tab breaking loose and the fender pitching forward. Once your front tire rolls onto it you generally have only one place to go - over the handlebars. This actually happened to a friend of mine and he landed in the hospital for two weeks.
  16. Thatperson

    Thatperson Member

    Yeah, I read up on that. I just haven't figured out a better mounting system right now. Do you know of anyone that has a good system for mounting it?

    Edit: I was looking at the bike and I think I figured out a way to mount it securely. I'll give it a try tomorrow and post back what I came up with and post pics.
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  17. azbill

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    grind the rivets holding the tab to the fender off,
    replace with 'L' brackets and nuts/bolts from hardware store
  18. fm2200

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    That is a very professional looking, clean paint job, well done. Both bikes are real nice the cream is extra special. They have a real all American look about them.
  19. Thatperson

    Thatperson Member

    Well I fixed the fenders. They are not coming off unless something very, very wrong happens. And at that point, I'll have more to worry about than just the fenders!
  20. AdamT

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    Hey I just got a cranbrook and ordered teh DAX 67cc any tips on the install. Is there any way to not drill the frame to mount that motor. Can you show you improvements to the fenders. I love the look of mine but dont want to end up over the handlebars. I was thinking of maybe figuring a way to put the fender over the crome bar that holds them rather than under...