My Currant Tandem Trike Build.

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by Norm in Laguna, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Ok, this is my currant trike build. It's a tandem beach cruzer, with a trike kit from SpookyTooth. They modified the trike axle for me to help with the weight and they also made me a custom size sprocket so it'll have a little power low end power. It's got the Skyhawk 68cc engine kit. I ran it around the little alley today, it was a little hard to peddle, and we went to try and start it and it was really giving me fits trying to start. After a few tries, it fired up, and I got it to idle for a while. I had to use the choke to control it. The throttle wasn't working. I'll go and work on it some more tomorrow and see if I can get the bugs to fly away. Wish me luck. All those chains are a real bear to line up.

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    My Currant Tandem Trike Build UPDATE!

    Yesterday I was able to make it all come together, and I took my creation for a test ride. 4 rides really. Aside from some clutch and carb issues, it's a blast. I'll have video up soon.
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    That is really cool!