My custom fuel tank - and springer fork

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    After a couple weeks of testing different materials, adhesives and coatings, I finally finished my custom gas tank. Capacity is one quart. The first pic is with the water bottle attached, the second it's removed and the third pic is a close-up the decal I designed. (Bonus points for anyone who understands the reference.)

    The springer fork is from a 24" bike, so I had to extend it two inches to fit mine. I scavenge most of my bike parts from the landfill where I work, so I have to make due with what I find and figure out a way to make stuff fit. It really smooths out the ride, especially the initial "shudder" upon acceleration.

    Total cost so far for my new hobby: under $200. Gotta love it!

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    Bummer. I can't attach pics for some reason. Plan B - I'll link from my photobucket account:


  3. pretty neat, what did you end up making them out of?
    Im looking for something that i can make to fit inside a schwinn horn tank...Thanks for info
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    I'd have to guess Atlas gear Company as the refference and those look like they are made of PVC??? Are they? Nice job!
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    I've seen the insignia before and will feel like an idiot when you say it if I'm not right! That is most certainly derived from Atlas Gear Company. Galt is also a name associated with alternative energy. Maybe with some sort of political current refference to the O'bama administration.

    If I'm correct please PM me and let me know how close I am, I promise to let the rest suffer in ingnorance for a show of your pitty, Oh Great One! LOL!
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    I used 2" PVC with end end caps. The fill cap is a 3/4" elbow that I glued and JB Welded through one of the end caps. The mounting brackets are made from 2" exhaust pipe, cut, bent and welded to accommodate the tanks. Brass fittings sealed with JB Weld on the bottom. The non-fill tank on the left is vented on top with a vent hose attached to the bottle cage. (Barely visible in image 2).

    I've never heard of Atlas gear company. I originally wanted the design to be "Atlas Cycle Company" but after a quick Google search, the name was already taken - so I went with the name of my favorite fictional character (HINT!), who is closely related to "Atlas".
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    Where is John Galt?:grin5:
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    ingenious. well mort at least you tried to start another anti obama political rant. keep at it you schmuck. that word does not mean i am a jew, which could have set you off again.
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    I'm not anti Jew, Infact far from it!!!

    I'm not anti O'bama, he's our President and I swear I'd lay my life down if I had too. I don't like what he's doing or the agenda he's carrying. Republicans ain't much better... This Country won't be free until there's a third party giving competition!
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    Wow. Did my tank decal turn this into a political debate? :grin5: Here's the background on the mystery. I'll try to keep it short:

    It's inspired by the classic novel, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Basically, it's a morality tale about the responsible, productive, industrious people in society being overtaken by the irresponsible, wasteful and lazy people. These people are refered to as the "looters" in the book. The looters elect politicians who use the power of government to take what they want from the productive people and give to the lazy. (This is not a "Robin Hood" scenario. He stole from the KINGS and gave to the poor.)

    John Galt was a mysterious character who started a hidden city in the mountains for the producers to live and enjoy the fruits of their own labor without having it taken from them and given to the undeserving. He was also a genius who invented a "perpetual energy machine". John Galt is a symbol of independence and ingenuity.

    Don't get me wrong - I'm all for Christian charity, but in no way, shape or form should the government be involved in welfare programs. That's the churches' job and over the years, they have abdicated that responsibility to an inefficient, corrupt government. Whether we like to admit it or not, that's 99% of the reason this country is in a mess.

    As long as we keep thinking there's a difference between the two major parties, nothing will ever get any better. They are both working together to squeeze the middle class out of existence.
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    Possenti- careful they don't label you One Like me on here!!! I'm bitting my tounge real hard because your bike is way to cool for me to get this thread banned arguing!

    Aruging is not what I'm all about, eventually people will figure out the delema before it's too late, I hope at least. What year was that book written? Must be recent, I was right to some extent... I almost swear I've seen that Guy holding a ring gear on his back like that somewhere. Atlas gear is all that comes to mind here.

    Whether we like it or not Brother, I believe in Christ also, some of our churches have become more corrupt than our Government and this is the sole reason for Christ's return as seen in Revelations (to reclaim his bride)(the great harrlot) or prostitute. Christ doesn't like all of the corruption in his house! Think he flipped last time, knocking down tables of money changers in the Great Temple... Hang out and watch this one Brother!

    I get so darn depressed at times, I feel like I can't get no lower.... Then somebody I run accross reminds me whats really going on. All of a sudden, I become thankfull to have a front row seat.
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    I googled Atlas Gear Co. and found this logo:


    Is this the one you're thinking of? I had no idea that I designed something remotely similar. Oh well, it's still a good reference to a great book. To answer your question, it was written around 1953. Ayn Rand saw the destructive seeds of collectivism sown back then. It's considered a classic among independent/libertarian groups. I've heard that sales of the novel have spiked greatly recently, in light of current economic events and government power-grabs. Productive people are getting tired of carrying the weight of deadbeats, whether they are corrupt multi-millionaire banksters or low-income welfare recipients - hence the metaphorical Atlas "shrugging" off the weight of that world.

    I agree - enough about politics. Have a happy 4th of July everyone, and remember that individual citizens made America free - not special-interest groups.
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    LOL nothing political about saying happy Fourth I don't think, at least not yet anyway.

    So how did you go about putting that design on the tank?

    You said ya used JB, was that the liquid or the putty? I'm fasinated that the stuff bonds tight enough between the PVC and metal to stop gas from leaking!

    One last Q and I appollogize for them! How do you get pics to post right on the web page, rather than a link be displayed? I can't do it here for some reason.

    Happy Fourth Mang! Enjoy riddin that ma-ching!
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    I bought a "Testors Decal System" at the hobby shop in the model section for about 10 bucks. It's used mostly for putting flames and other graphics on model cars. Remember the old "wet and slide off" things? Same thing. It's just the blank paper (1 clear and 1 white) and some sealer spray to waterproof the ink after printing. I made the graphic on Photoshop. I sprayed the whole tank with fuel-proof clear after application.

    I drilled the holes big enough for the brass fittings (on the bottom) to thread in. I then backed them out, "doped" the threads with JB (liquid) and reinstalled. No leaks at all. I've made lots of things from gun stocks to desk lamps from PVC. I know its potentials and limitations fairly well.

    I linked the pics from my photobucket account. If you start one there, it should explain how to do it. Nothing complicated, but someone mentioned earlier in this thread that some people here complain about "img tags" which is what I used. I have no idea why...but being a new guy here, I don't want to tick off the Hall Monitors, so I'd like to apologize if I offended anyone for something I'm not aware of.

    Any more questions, just ask or PM me.
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    "Testors Decal System"- awsome results man! You've got me thinking now!

    I drilled the holes big enough for the brass fittings (on the bottom) to thread in. I then backed them out, "doped" the threads with JB (liquid) and reinstalled.

    I know I saw something on the threads, thought you might have used teflon tape! I'm still amazed it don't leak!

    Thanks for letting me know about the tags. Some people probably don't like them because of a slow internet connection.