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    A 1 Original.jpg
    1. Original Schwinn 7 speed with
    Grubee Skyhawk 66cc
    42 tooth sprocket
    CNS V3 Racing Carburetor
    Everything is basically stock
    B 1 Full Bike.jpg
    2. A month later after 8 hours of work
    B 2 Front Suspension & Kick stand.jpg
    3. Mongoose front suspension from an old Mongoose BMX Bicycle + Front wheel kick stand
    B 3 Kawasaki Neck & Headlight properly installed.jpg
    4. Kawasaki BMX Team Green Racing Neck for my headlight to be properly installed
    B 4 Lock, rear light, HD Fuel Line, Cylinder body, sprocket 32 tooth.jpg
    5. New cylinder body, bike lock & mount, rear light, 32 tooth, new suspensioner (custom drilled bolts & nuts), fixed frame w/ a metal pipe and some shoddy welding, HD Fuel Line (to watch bubbles)
    B 5 Kickstand Up.jpg
    6. Front kick stand not in use with recoil lock in, center kickstand in use
    B 6 Speed Demon Muffler & Expansion Chamber.jpg
    7. Speed demon muffler w/ expansion chamber & a better picture of the new cylinder body
    B 7 Locking Gas Cap.jpg
    8. Locking gas cap. I don't want people messing with this ride.

    More upgrades to come later (of course). I did all this work on my new bike lift. I purchased this when having the bike leaning to the left became incredibly annoying (the standard bike kickstands do not hold the extra weight of the bike. I found this agitating having gone through 3 so far.)

    A few pictures of my shop w/ my new "bike lift".
    1. Suspended "bike lift"
    IMG_20131005_091829.jpg IMG_20131005_091839.jpg
    2. Rear and Front tires
    3. Pulley system: U-bolts with cloth to protect the frame from damage (paint scratching and such), coated cables (just because I didn't want to use rope).
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  2. LR Jerry

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    If you're only riding on asphalt, Kendra 838 slick tires will give you more speed and smooth out your ride.
  3. CarbonBikes

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    That's actually a coated cable- I didn't want to use rope because of fray.

    I notice absolutely no difference between the two. My future plans for this bike is to turn it into a full suspension instead of half suspension just because all of the speed bumps out here will be a lot nicer with rear suspension. The only difference is going over potholes, speed bumps, etc. is a lot less rough on the tenders w/ suspension.

    A no suspension bike ( the first picture I uploaded ) didn't really have any bogging problems, bumps weren't really that big of an issue. The only thing you really need to avoid with a no suspension bike is potholes, sewer drains, and speed bumps. You can go over them, but you'll learn that you don't want to. On flat though, there is no noticeable difference.

    @LR Jerry I don't use slick tires because of rain issues here. Otherwise I would get them.

    I also noticed some people saying that drilling the frame instead of using a u-bolt mount causes really bad vibration, however is not true in my case and the four other bikes I've built. I haven't used a u-bolt mount and I don't intend to because I'm wondering what horrible vibration these people are talking about.
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    Dear CarbonBikes,

    Would you please tell me where I can purchase your front kick stand?


    If custom, where did you purchase the unit and the modification parts?

    Close up photo/drawings of the connections at the skewer would be appreciated.

    I've purchased a blackburn steel carrier basket up front for groceries. Then this week
    I've overloaded it w a gallon of milk, 1/2 Gal. of OJ, 8 strands of bananas, grape bag, ...
    etc. But the front wheel swung a bit more as i was loading it (the whl was already
    twisted to the left) and the entire bike fell to the side, loosening the long skewer and
    damaging my front brakes. I think your front kick stand would have prevented this all
    together. I only have a standard single leg kick stand in the middle of the bike and
    i'm thinking of replacing that w a 2 legged one later for more stability. I'm trying not
    to carry my back pack on the bike and wrap grocery bags on my handle. Front provides better
    balance than the back since the rear wheel already have my weight.

    My bike is totally 2B defiant against car driving and paying high gas prices here in LA, CA. I
    only gas up my car only once a month, saving $15 - $20/wk whenever i can. And, the bike
    gives so much more pleasure everytime i get on it vs. crunching low sitting in the sardine can,
    being 7th car behind waiting for green lights hoping to make the light when my turn comes vs.
    1st on line on the bike!

    So please help on the front kick stand.

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    Thats a great commuter. I commuted a lot on my motorized bikes but never became independent of the automobile. I added an auto clutch to my China girl because there were so many stop lights along my route.
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    Nice build. I'll save your photos as a reference, if you don't mind.