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    A 1 Original.jpg
    1. Original Schwinn 7 speed with
    Grubee Skyhawk 66cc
    42 tooth sprocket
    CNS V3 Racing Carburetor
    Everything is basically stock
    B 1 Full Bike.jpg
    2. A month later after 8 hours of work
    B 2 Front Suspension & Kick stand.jpg
    3. Mongoose front suspension from an old Mongoose BMX Bicycle + Front wheel kick stand
    B 3 Kawasaki Neck & Headlight properly installed.jpg
    4. Kawasaki BMX Team Green Racing Neck for my headlight to be properly installed
    B 4 Lock, rear light, HD Fuel Line, Cylinder body, sprocket 32 tooth.jpg
    5. New cylinder body, bike lock & mount, rear light, 32 tooth, new suspensioner (custom drilled bolts & nuts), fixed frame w/ a metal pipe and some shoddy welding, HD Fuel Line (to watch bubbles)
    B 5 Kickstand Up.jpg
    6. Front kick stand not in use with recoil lock in, center kickstand in use
    B 6 Speed Demon Muffler & Expansion Chamber.jpg
    7. Speed demon muffler w/ expansion chamber & a better picture of the new cylinder body
    B 7 Locking Gas Cap.jpg
    8. Locking gas cap. I don't want people messing with this ride.

    More upgrades to come later (of course). I did all this work on my new bike lift. I purchased this when having the bike leaning to the left became incredibly annoying (the standard bike kickstands do not hold the extra weight of the bike. I found this agitating having gone through 3 so far.)

    A few pictures of my shop w/ my new "bike lift".
    1. Suspended "bike lift"
    IMG_20131005_091829.jpg IMG_20131005_091839.jpg
    2. Rear and Front tires
    3. Pulley system: U-bolts with cloth to protect the frame from damage (paint scratching and such), coated cables (just because I didn't want to use rope).
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    If you're only riding on asphalt, Kendra 838 slick tires will give you more speed and smooth out your ride.
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    That's actually a coated cable- I didn't want to use rope because of fray.

    I notice absolutely no difference between the two. My future plans for this bike is to turn it into a full suspension instead of half suspension just because all of the speed bumps out here will be a lot nicer with rear suspension. The only difference is going over potholes, speed bumps, etc. is a lot less rough on the tenders w/ suspension.

    A no suspension bike ( the first picture I uploaded ) didn't really have any bogging problems, bumps weren't really that big of an issue. The only thing you really need to avoid with a no suspension bike is potholes, sewer drains, and speed bumps. You can go over them, but you'll learn that you don't want to. On flat though, there is no noticeable difference.

    @LR Jerry I don't use slick tires because of rain issues here. Otherwise I would get them.

    I also noticed some people saying that drilling the frame instead of using a u-bolt mount causes really bad vibration, however is not true in my case and the four other bikes I've built. I haven't used a u-bolt mount and I don't intend to because I'm wondering what horrible vibration these people are talking about.