my daughter can read!!!!

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  1. give me vtec

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    I have been diligently working with my baby girl since 3 months. we had a major breakthrough yesterday.... she began recognizing the words by themselves with no other imput.

    we hold up the flash card that says nose... and she points to her nose and says nose. she can recognize 30 words and the list is growing.

    we have been using the " my baby can read" series for help.... along with some techniques I can up with.

    she is 14 months old... the progress is amazing, it's stunning how fast they learn. she has also figured out how (completely on her own) to turn on my iPhone, unlock it with the slide button, and find the music. it really annoys me because she makes unwanted calls too.

    anyways, like any proud father I was just excited and wanted to share the news... will explain more if anybody is interested.

  2. professor

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    Oh boy, just wait.

    I am instigating a new rule for the grand daughter and her friends - all of whom have cell phones.
    When they come over- all the phones will go on the kitchen counter.
    To be used for calling Mom only!
    I don't mind them here, hide and seek got banned. Pre-teens bombing thru the llttle house got to be too hectic and now the cell phone use needs to be controlled.

    It is shocking how smart little kids are, my buddy has his 2 year old twins on their own mini snowmobile. They are helmeted- look like little pink space kadets.
    When one was falling off the back, Nate asked why the pilot didn't stop. She said she didn't want to get stuck in the weeds!
  3. give me vtec

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    I have a whole set of rules that she is going to hate... cell phone use is included.
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    This is good news! Just don't let the public school system corrupt thier potential..... or public T.V either....