My dax 2 stroke kit comes on tues, I want to mix the fuel

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by trekfelix, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. trekfelix

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    What fuel mixture should I make?

  2. moped-dan

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    Probably 25/1. Good luck stud.
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    Go to motorcycle shop and buy a quart of Maxima 927. Mix at 5 oz to gallon for first gallon then 4 oz gallon thereafter.

    I use empty dry windshield washer plastic bottles to mix and store my fuel. Add oil first then add 3/4 gallon of gas. Install cap, tighten, and then shake vigorously. Add remaining gas to get full gallon. Store out of sunlight.

    Before the safety klan says anything, the windshield washer containers are the same containers that house model airplane fuel. I've been using them for gasoline for years without any problems.
  4. machiasmort

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    Skyliner gave good mix ratio advice, however, I wouldn't shake vigorusly!

    Tip it upside down a few times and your ok!

    What area are you guy's in if you don't mind I ask?
  5. arceeguy

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    I saw pre-mixed fuel in 1 quart steel containers at Sears the other day. It was 4.50 per quart, but the can could be reused and apparently it is safe enough to hold gasoline in a retail store.
  6. fetor56

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    Dax is a pretty thorough guy so i'm betting the ratios are in the instruction "manual" when u get the kit.
    As a guideline use a good quality synthetic oil with a ratio of 16:1 during break-in & 25:1 thereafter.
    Those ratios are adjustable depending on what u want to do,just don't go too much over 25:1.
  7. use regualar cheap 2-stroke oil for air cooled engines at 16:1 for breakin.
    after breakin use regualar cheap 2-stroke oil for air cooled engines at around 20:1 or 25:1.
  8. machiasmort

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    This I speak from knowledge and would never mislead a fellow MBr or mechanic.

    Synthetics are better oils that prevent overheating and lower friction. They should never be used to break in a new motor. Always use regular 2 stroke oil to break in you motor (seats the rings and allows sharp edges on parts to wear).

    Once you feel that your motor is broken in (500miles), you'll feel it. Then switch to synthetic! Durring break in, equally important is that you change your speed. Never hold the motor wide open!
  9. arceeguy

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    Marty, I'll have to disagree with using synthetics during break-in on any engine.
    Regardless of oil, the rings will seat into a properly finished bore. What is needed is enough combustion pressure to push those rings against the bore to "bed them in". That is why full throttle acceleration during break-in is important.

    New cars come with synthetic oil in their crankcase. No problems.
  10. fetor56

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    I used regular oil during break-in then swapped to fually synthetic(but i really don't think it's necessary)
    Do whatever makes u happy,just keep those ratios low for the first 250-300 mls.
  11. New cars come with synthetic oil in their crankcase because they were already brokenin with a diffrent kind of regular oil and then drained and filled with synthetic.
    If you even think about using sythetic oil for breakin dont use 16:1 with sythetic,somebody did this and there rings never seated properly and there engine is not broken in even at 600miles.
    I use regular oil at 16:1 for breakin and if i was you i would too.
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  12. MotorBicycleRacing

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    this is totally untrue, new cars have a couple of miles on them when they are delivered, where did you get this info from?
    new cars don't need much breaking in because of the high tolerences that they are manufactured to unlike these chinese bicycle engines
  13. Thomson85

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    Go to since that's who you bought the engine from. He has his phone number listed on the main page of the site.

    He recommended 32/1 for break-in and after break-in. So far my engine has ran fine at this setting, reaching 28MPH on a 49cc thatsdax engine.