My Design Project (help needed on building the back end)

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by Nolann, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Nolann

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    Im in year 12 and am needing help with my project i set up a different thread then was advised to post here.

    My project is that i am making a trike with engine assist, would anybody be able to help my in building the back end of a trike ?

  2. Big Red

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    Hey Nolann,
    I realize this post is over 2 months old, but I just now saw it.
    If your still around and still need some help I might be able to point you in the right direction. I've built a lot of two wheeled M.B's but I've also built a couple of three wheelers. I've built a recumbent rear single wheel & a 26" Trike with 2 20" 4 1/4" wide rear fatties. They both have headlights, tail lights, turn signals, break lights & horn.
    It depends on what "style" you are building. If you respond to this post we'll get our heads together and see what we come up with. Perhaps a pic. of what you have so far would help.
    Big Red.
  3. srdavo

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    I want to see!!! :D
  4. Nolann

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    hey boys, changed my plans im just making a chopper with an engine, pics will be up soon
  5. Big Red

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    chopper trike

    Hey Nolann,
    Glad you're back with us. I JUST sold my Trike today. My next project will also be a chopper. I fell into a Jesse James bike for free so I'm gonna go for it. I've done 10 or 12 of the OCC bikes, so now, somthing a little different.
    If you want you can check out some of my bikes on my album in the pic. gallery.
    Big Red.