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    After spending 5 weeks in hospital I am finally home and back to work..!!!

    I purchased a 2014 Suzuki RM 65 stock pipe in great barely used shape for $33.50 off E-BAY
    and it has turned out to be the best Mod I have done yet. After using the Banana pipe (crappy pipe))) since day one,, The RM 65 pipe gives me more torque all over from low to high, really good low-mids.... The Power Band KICKS in hard at 6,000 rpms (pulls you off the seat hard)).. and keeps on pulling till i have to let off.

    Handle Bars give a nice upward and forward riding stance.. I also have been painting little stuff all over like end caps and plastic covers.. still more to go

    I want to paint or do something to gas tank, chain guard, and paint pipe and cylinder (not billet head)... any one with ideas would help ???? 100_0239 (2).JPG 100_0240 (2).JPG 100_0245 (2).JPG 100_0242.JPG 100_0233 (2).JPG 100_0243 (2).JPG 100_0236 (2).JPG

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    My first thoughts looking at the pics are I like the bmx cruiser bars but to my eyes it's gone a bit too high with that stem. I believe the new bar also puts more leverage on the Chinese welded quill stem and that worries me a bit. I would look out for a nice old cast alloy road bike stem, without the rise. Or swap out the fork too and get a 1" threadless aheadset.

    I know that isn't really answering about the paintwork. The thing that stands out aesthetically, for me, is the frame. Red and black is fine as a bike colour scheme (as long as you can make it not look nazi, lol) but yeah that weird shade of green is just standing out more and more to me as you add more red components.
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    Good idea you implemented making the header longer since an RM revs out way farther than a china girl.
    So what is the top speed and what RPM does that translate to?
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    Thanks Furry and Jaguar for your replies !!
    Furry I am trying to do the best with what I got. I am a disabled 38 yr, Navy Veteran (21001-06) due to my injury ad surgery I have a real hard time walking and peddling (I NEED HELP WITH CONVERT TO PULL START YOU GUYS))) .
    Also right now I have a $0 income while case with the VA and SSD goes on. they pay for my housing and food/medical right now. So I am doing all of this work while rubbing my last 2 pennies together so bare with me a little.. Remember to that this is my first bike build so I had nothing when I started.. I got the MTB Diamond back donated to me thru a VA group called Valor (thats why the metallic greenish frame color FURRY, believe me I hate it too UGLY and nothing really goes with it,,, but your missing the long future picture...!!!!!!

    When i am building and cruising on the 212cc Predator powered 3 wheeler (trike) with fat tires this winter.. I am going to have the frame on the
    DIAMOND BACK painted with GOLD auto paint and pearl clear coated 6 times, or have it powder coated Gold.. Spray can is OK on little stuff and the new duplicolor metal cast specialized paints and effects are freaking AWESOME !! I have been using the Red Anodized and I have Silver and Gold and Blue and Clear cans all still new in Metal Cast Anodized colors.. The paint is also 650*degree proof, and oil and gas resistant. GREAT STUFF !! you should see there COLOR CHANGING line of paints,, CRAZY !! So my overall long plan cant be seen or reached right now with the nasty green frame paint, so I am just doing everything else which is still a lot of hard detailed work and i think still looks better then plain stock looking.

    I just want to show everyone newbies and all that you can make even a TURD shine..LoL I have very few pennies to spare and I have to be shure of things before I buy them.. It would be nice like in the past and I had more money to spend then I needed. I could only imagine what my bike would look like if I had money to buy whatever !! NUTZ !!

    I want to Personally thank JAGUAR/Mike , he has helped me on the mechanical/performance part of things. I think they should make it mandatory for all Newbies that join this site to read some parts of his DRAGONFLY columns, as they are Golden and overflowing with all good info......

    So Mike I want to tell you a little about my RM 65 pipe I won the bid on E-BAY for a 2004-15 Suzuki RM 65/85 stock pipe in perfect barely used condition for $33.50 with free shipping.. I forget what size it is now 65 or 85 !! I wanna say 85 !! anyway its real nice, i got lucky with no dings or dents at that price..
    First problem was how to attach, pipe came with O-ring adapter as part of pipe at end which made it very wide at opening of pipe.. CR MACHINE makes an O-ring adapter header piece that bolts to your cylinder and uses springs to hold on and O-ring to seal like factory but you have to send him your pipe and cylinder so he can match fit.. $85 bucks and springs are extra !!!! WOW thats more then I spent on pipe and after S&H, springs, and parts it would have came to $130 smackers..!! DAX sells pipe and adapter for $120 plus S&H....WOW !!
    So I was looking at it and initially I was going to cut off O-ring adapter on pipe cause it was so wide, but decided to leave it on cause as you can see it forced me to use a lower wider section of the Banana Pipe which would turn out to give me a fairly straight 7"+inch longer header pipe that would make the power band come on quicker in the RPM's...Nice TWO Birds with one stone deal..!! HOW DO YOU like the SILENCER ???????????????????????
    It came off my buddies 1/5 scale GAS R/C Baja Truck .. Its hollow and straight thru, I had to drill out the 4 outer holes, just having only gave me way to much back pressure.. sounded way cool with one hole but that would have increased head temperature and burned a hole in piston and strip all the chrome plating off the cylinder walls... ????--WHAT SHOULD THE TEMP, BE AT THE HEAD OR PIPE ??? where do i measure and what temp ???

    JAG/MIKE my $9 shity china TACH/hour meter broke a few minutes in on my first test run !! i am pissed cuz i need that to do timing adjustment.. will have to get new one asap..
    My SPEEDO still works and I have gotten to know my bike vibes and engine REV's / RPM's pretty good so I will just have to give you the performance data/info the best I can....!!!!
    Right off the bat you can hear the sound difference, sounds deeper and more hollow with and echo !! Pipe definitely gave me more power all around with more pulling torque for starting out and going up hills with out ever having to pedal anytime, anywhere !! Power Band starts out smooth at 5,500 rpm and then kicks your balls in bending the handle bars back (remind me to tighten them up some more please))) at about 6,500.. That rpm wall I had at 7,560 is gone as the bike keeps pulling hard (even accelerates up the steepest, longest hills)) pulls hard up to 9,000 as it starts to flatten out but still pulls on flat road and then I usually back off due to vibes and safety..!! 30 mph at 5500 rpm,,,,, 35 mph at 6500 rpm,,,, 40 mph at 7500 rpm,,,,, 45 at 8500 rpm ,,, my top speed so far is 51.2 as I cant say RPM cause tach is broke...sorry

    So lets say Donated Bike is worth $150, $120 for silver flying horse Grubee GT5 engine kit from GASBIKE.NET ,,, RSE Comp Head $35,,, RM Pipe $35,,, Miscellaneous Parts like Handle Bars and Fenders ect.. $75....TOTAL = $415........Time spent working on bike $priceless$-----

    You got to remember the money spent on tools like DREMEL and all the bits, socket,, wrench,, allen key, epoxys, tape, zip ties ect..ect..ect.. adds up to so slap another $85 banana's on there to get a final honest price of $500.... not bad

    People always ask me why not just buy a real one for $700-$1000 and just put gas in it and ride it ??? I say this "" if you are mechanically inclined and aptitude person who can think 3 steps ahead and understand the domino effect on working parts and poses a sense of Logic and like to see a difference in your tinkering and work then one of these bikes could be a great thing for you !!! if you have no Idea what I just said then you have no business owning a MOTORIZED BIKE,,, buy a Tao Tao scooter and gas her up !!!!!
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    I'd guess the pipe is from an RM85.
    5500 - 7500 is perfect in its own way because that describes the normal 2000 RPM powerband that a pipe gives (because it's ramming intake charge back into the cylinder and increasing compression)
    How is your engine with vibrations? Do you think you could see what is reflected in a mirror mounted to the handlebars?
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    I know that it takes time putting a bike together on limited funds. Been putting everything I can into mine for five months and still a longgg way to go before I can even mount the engine. I am so sick of eating instant noodles and pasta every single day!
    I might have to get a pull start too, been told that I will have difficulty starting my odd chosen shift kit ratio even with moderate compression.

    I just couldn't help noticing the stem because I really distrust that kind even with normal mtb bars because of something I witnessed. I had to mention the stem/bar combination in my post because it does scare me a bit. Years ago (decades maybe) a friend hopped nonchalantly off a little curb 3" curb into the road and happened to be holding his bar ends. He kissed the tyre pretty badly and then had to walk all the way home with his handlebars hanging over the frame.. it was not a good night. :( Anyway I hope you will look out for one of these just in case you can pick one up for pennies on an auction site or somewhere.
    As for cylinder head temperature
    I think Jaguar told us 425- 450F max. Hold on.... Here....
    The guage has a sensor like a thin washer that goes under the spark plug like this.

    If 40 is 7500 then 52.1 is 9600
    (7500รท40) x 51.2 = 9600 :)

    Lol "a turd can shine" ;) Ooh the gold SAS wheelset would be perfect for that! in time of course. ;)

    I agree with you. I think the POINT of the 2stroke HT is the hobby, learning and being the creator of your own unique bicycle, and the question was as silly as asking a fisherman why he doesn't just go to the fish n' chip shop. :)
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