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Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by friedlbug, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Build Thread

    I started my build thread somewhere else because I was getting frustrated with this site's internal problems spilling out all over everything, I'm back and thought I'd post a link to it. If this is against the rules, delete it. I am in no way trying to promote the other site or slight you guys; I just wanted to document my build and didn't want to be here for a little while.

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    Don't blame you there mate..are you sure you wanna use a 10 speed? My suggestion is to find one of the oldest bikes you can at a garage sale cuz you won't get as much vibrations. I hope?? me i have a chrishill80 on a fairly old huffy and i cant make it 24 miles without something falling off! If you really wanna good system read pages 1-30 in general disscussions. It has really good ifo...good luck on the build!
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    It's actually an old 10-speed mountain bike. Are your vibations from your engine or the bike on the road? With my electric drive, I don't really expect more vibrations than without a motor, but I might be missing something.