My Early Whizzer Days:

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    It was in 1951, when I was 15 and a 10th-grader in high school.

    My best friend had just bought a used 1949 Whizzer, and he used to ride to my house, a few miles away, and we'd go joy riding, with he at 140 pounds and me at 160.
    (300 pounds on the bike). I didn't buy my own Whizzer until 57 years later, in 2008!

    As I remember, his bike had enough power to whisk us up the mild hills in our neighborhood, and provided us with satisfying speed and acceleration during those neighborhood rides.

    The next year, (1952), after turning 16, we bought our first cars: He bought a '37 Ford and I bought a '34 Plymouth. (I paid $35 for that car.)

    Here's a picture of a 1934 Plymouth, like my first car: (Those fat Whitewalls and wide Running Boards were Soooo Cool!)


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