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    Hello All,

    Long time no see,

    My name is Jordon, I was a Grubee dealer out of BC Canada, and still have a few items remaining from my selling days. please see the list below.

    I sold via and Ebay under the ID 'skyhawkcanadacom' so please check out my 100% positive feedback.

    My Paypal is closed now, so I am selling most of these on Ebay under the ID 'catk1982' but let me know if anything appeals to you and Ill give you a package deal!

    2 Litre Chrome Gas Tanks $10
    2 Litre Black Gast Tanks $5
    2 Litre Black Underbar tanks $10
    50' Throttle Cables $2.50
    43' Throttle Cables $2.50
    Black/Chrome Throttle Handles w/cable $10
    Clutch Cables $3
    Clutch Handles $5
    HD Chains $10
    HD Drive Sprockets $3
    Std Drive Dprockets $3
    Pull Starts $10
    CDIs $7.50
    Air Filters $3
    Rotors $3
    Gas Caps $2
    Clutch Pullers $2
    Frame Clamps (Steel or Aluminum) $1
    Spark Plug Wrenchs $1

    Id be happy to sell these in bulk or lots, if somebody else wants to try to make a profit on EBay, shoot me an offer!

    Thanks for your time, Jordon
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