My Electric Esky Bike


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4:35 PM
Jan 20, 2008
Sydney, Australia
Hey All,

I bought a fully sick Ebike yesterday from
my local bike shop.

Well I enjoy it, which is all that counts.

I attached a plastic esky to the back of the bike,
onto the bike rack.
With about 20 thick cable ties and window sealant.
So it'll be rain-proof.

This allows me to have no weight on my back.
which I have been having issues with for years.

I'm rather proud of my dodgy esky, which I intend to give
a colour make-over.

I'll post some pics when I get around to it.

I think one of the best things about this bike,
is technically, I'm now legal by NSW, Australian Law.

Which removes a ton of angst from my brain when compared to riding my petrol bike.
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Whats an Esky?

A plastic box for carrying cold foods/drinks, you'd probably call it a cooler.

On reading that link, I recall, its actually an Australian Brand.
The name is a reference to the association of Eskimos with cold climates. The term has become a genericized trademark and as such is a colloquial term in Australia for any portable cooler.

Click the below link, I have the 36 Litre Original. Although its a much older model,
by 10 years.

Sorry for such a long answer, but its the pivotal part of my bike now.
As we have a hot climate, this is going to be useful come summer-time.
pics of esky storage rack, howdoya stabalise it ???


I have an esky that I attached to my bike as described above.
I used a drill and cable ties and sealant.

Pics help and here they are as attached.

The issue I get is a bit of instability at low speeds ??

Anyone have any ideas how to stabilise the load ?

The bike can carrying 120kg apparently.

The bike dude said it was because the centre of gravity is so high.

Anyone have an ideas how to stabilise an esky like that ?
and don't say drink less beer... :)


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Daaaamn. !!! :D that sucker would haul a nice amount of beer ! i aprove !

Watch the drips however, electricals and water don't mix very well..
Y Pedal, its funny you say that, as the first thing I stored in it
was a six pack of beer, whilst I was working on my Petrol bike.
Oddly enough it worked really well being a esky :LOL:

The thing I learnt with electricals, (the hard way)
is to try and seal them up as much as possible.
The esky won't let water out or in.
I rode it in the rain today, no issue with leaking.
I sealed all the holes with glass sealant.

I am thinking I'd like to upgrade to bigger esky later.
as I like to carry too much stuff.

Maybe I could attach this one on the front.

I'm also going to put reflective tape all over it.
And attach my light in the middle of the esky.
Would be cool to have a glowing image
on back face of the esky.

So cars would see a glowing image as they came up from behind.

Anyhow the battery has died after two days, so I am like a kid
on Christmas day with a new toy and no batteries.

I've rung the shop, and they said they'd replace it.
The motor was a dream when I had it running,
and there was no wobble from me eskey,
as I didn't have to pedal much.
:D:D:D:D:DI've got an Idea, How about you Drink **More beer** this will have the effect of Lowering your COG, and balance out the high one for the esky! :D:D:D

This bike is still working.
Only now just replacing the batteries, at $300 for 3.

6 years for three batteries aint too bad, and I can keep them too.

Just hope the motor keeps running.