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    So you want a GEBE!!! It is one great set-up but a little
    bit expensive. The easiest part is ordering your choice of engine.
    GEBE unfortunately does not offer much advice in what type of
    bicycle to buy new. Julie does offer sound advice though, Does not reccomend buying a new biycle but a used one and invest in good tires
    and rims, and maybe front suspension, and a nice commfy seat. To further
    the confusion you go to their bicycle review and wow, their is all kinds
    of different bicycle frame and brake set-ups. If you venture into this
    end-game, beware of the consequences in modifying your bike choice.
    I wanted an easy set-up build but got lost into looking for these
    bicycles in their review. My engine arrived about 30 days later and I had
    bicycle to install it own because I was lost in the review hype. I Knew I wanted 26" rims with 14 gauage spokes, a 7-8or 9 speed with tire size 26"
    x2.125x 36 H , Frame size 19" and alloy v breaks. I found on Chubby Cruiser
    Site a bicycle that meets these specifications. The Micargi Pantera Cruiser,
    men's 7-speed bike. The problems you run into are small with this type
    of hardtial frame. You must completely remove back V-brake set up to
    get the engine level and then re-install V-brake. The GEBE belt will rub
    lightly on the bottom brake mount where the bolt goes through holding it to
    the frame. You can make an spool to keep the belt straight, if worried about that, but the contact is so light with the belt and I never had any trouble
    running it without a spool to straighten it. The next problem is the Shimano
    rear defibulator. There is an adjusting bolt tightener that must be dealt with. You can either take the bolt out or place washers over it when putting engine mounting bar on your axle. The last problem is the axle bolt is usually lnot long enough, just enough to get nut started and a coupe of turns of a wrench. Save yourself the trouble and buy GEBE EAGLE/VELOCITY 26" REAR WHEEL that has the 10mmx7& 3/8" hardened solid axle and while your doing this replace the Shimano Cassette Sprocket with the HG70. This type of hardtial bike leaves plenty of room for the Performance pack, if you want to add this. Speaking of the Performance pack, if you go to JemmaUK member list and look on the thread sent to her by Jim H about getting a solid mount for the power pipe set-up on how to do this. It is advisable to get an motorcycle style kickstand to help keeping the bike from falling over and always park on solig level ground.
    The only other advive again on frame style is look at the CA-520 hardtial on Chubby Crusier Site. This type of hardtial and notice the lower positioning of back V- brake. This is the type of hardtial look you should be looking for in a bike frame to get an easy set-up. The whole bike style would involve getting an extension to move the seat forward to use the performance pack. I hope this will help you in finding a used bicycle frame in cutting the cost down for the GEBE set-up.

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