my ez3-ax electrified

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    hi everyone :grin:,

    this is my wifes bike she has a hard time riding normal bikes (freak accident when she was a kid) so i bought her the trike on ebay last year for half its listing price, its the sun easy trike AX upgraded model.

    The motor came in kit form from a company out of San Francisco, which i found after many hours surfing the www.

    Since there were vague instructions i had to rely on pics from a previous installation they had sent me.

    It was a pretty easy installation for the most part the hardest part was replacing the bb and crank set but went out and bought the proper tools and everything went smoothly.

    one of my main concerns was loosing the front crank which had three rings i was worried about the actually weight and the new motor been up to the test.

    The single sprocket works just fine, i am still tweaking the system the first couple of days had there highs and lows but with some fine adjustments
    here and there i am starting to get the system dialed in. With me riding its fine but by the time the kids are in the trailer and hooked up its plenty of work for this 350 watt motor.

    I am learning the limits and enjoying the ride since the batteries have been re-charged a couple of times they are starting to preform better.

    The kit consisted of 350 brush less motor, the new front bb and sprocket,the two 12 volt acid batteries, the controller, the charger unit and the wiring needed to hook it up. The system is a mid drive unit so i was still able to keep my rear cassette operational but unfortunately i had to loose the front gears but the motor has plenty of zip to keep the trike moving. The batteries already came in a case which has velcro straps everywhere so it is pretty easy to attach to the rear of the trike and keep the center of gravity low, i use a bungee cord as a back up, just in case.

    I was going to document my build but one of the kids had mis-placed the digi camera so the pics below are all after the fact.

    I have took shots of every possible part that i think would be useful for people looking for ideas, if you have any questions please feel free to ask and i will try to answer to the best of my knowledge although i will warn you its pretty limited....

    Enjoy the ride....:cool:


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  2. eltatertoto

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    very cool! can i get a link to where you bought the actual bike? thanks.
  3. fetor56

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    Pretty good setup you've got there vega,looks perfect for your wife and children....and you.
    Hey i'm no e-man but couldn't that 360W motor and battery pack be upgraded later if u find your wanting more power.Either buying something from the supplier u got it from or a specialized electric motor/battery company on the internet?
  4. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    yoops sorry bsa,

    the bike is a sun bicycle, website i bought the trike second hand on ebay, i was lucky the previous owner was a bike shop owner and had took pretty good care of the trike, i also got it for half price retail which was a good deal when new these trikes run around $1500.

    A local bike shop in vegas carries the brand so my wife was able to test drive one before i started bidding on ebay.

    Check out your local bike shops and you will probably find them, but they are few and far between second hand this was one time i got really lucky.

    The guys who put the package together recommended the 360 for two reasons,firstly the 500 watt motor would stick out another 1.5 inchs and could interfere with pedaling and the 360 doesn't sap the juice as quick and when pedal assisted it climbs rolling hills (or freeway flyovers) with no problem.

    Still messing with chain length and motor crank to optimize the right chain paths for all the gears but apart from that the motor is smooth. the 24 volts is fine for a good 10 miles un-assisted and i could easily add more batteries to run parallel for more distance but then the weight of the rig could be an issue.
  5. Alaskavan

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    Vegas, could you check and see what a replacement crankset goes for from your electric setup vendor? Just curious.
  6. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    hi alaskavan,

    just received a email from sam the goto guy at electroportal and he said just to get in touch directly with him to see if he could help you out with parts you need.

    attn of Sam Wonderly,

    whenever i have been emailing i have always had a response back within a couple of hours ,the longest i had to wait was 2 days, they were out of the store picking up supplies at the warehouse. I have had nothing but good dealings with the company A+ for customer service..

    ps make sure you use the email above the one on there web site is out of service due to too much spam.
  7. Hive

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    Electric Bent

    Paddy, for some reason, your bike did not come to my attention, and the thread on the recumbent frames, where I found the link to see your electric bike, does not link to notify me for activity.

    Suffice it to say, your work is exquisite. So clean and well thought out. The engineering and creative work is the best I have noted, to say the least.

    And no gas!

    It must be surreal to ride around so quietly.

    I love bents, but cannot peddle them as well as the CF frames and like I mentioned, traffic is scary - for me. A trike takes the starting balance problem out of equation.

    Your wife must love it.

    You got my attention. I am envious.
  8. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    home made hitch

    for tinker4,

    pics of my homemade hitch....

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  9. brendonv

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    beautiful build! You wife must love riding that thing around and i bet u have the odd little turn too haha! Well good, clean build man.

    From Brendon.v
  10. vegaspaddy

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  11. POPS

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    My EZ3

    Hi Vegas
    Real nice build. I bet the wife is happy:grin: My first thought though was after seeing the motor is,( Cyclone) and same with the throtle except for the paddle? It says pattent pending??????:confused: A knockoff ? What do you think guys ? Anyway, Enjoy that ride and RIDE EM LIKE YOU STOLD EM.POPS
  12. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    wow, thanks for the heads up their pops, it sure does look like the same kit, pretty much identical, most of the parts are the same except for the mounting brackets, i think thats why they have patent pending stuck on there.

    It least i have another supplier to goto if i ever need to upgrade the electric motor parts.
  13. POPS

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    My EZ3

    Hey Vegas
    No problem on the heads up. Were all here to learn and share. How much did you pay for your kit if you don't mind me asking ? I went to electro-cycle site and they are pretty vauge on their priceing and details. I would like the throttle control like you have with the thumb thingie.I wounder If they are interchangeable? Can you tell me how many pins are on the conector plug ? Do you know if a guy can buy it seperate from the kit ? Thanks in advance.POPS
  14. vegaspaddy

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    from electricified to motorified

    Not The Wifes Surely !!!!!!!

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