Crashes My F150 almost made a MB pancake.

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    Well their is a guy around my area that has been riding his MB everywhere. Apparently with no reflectors or lights. I was going 60mph on a four lane coming home one night and poof there he was in the middle of the road right in front of me. I yanked the wheel real quick and whipped into the other lane which thankfully was empty. I probably left some skid marks on the road but i bet he left a skid mark on his seat lol. That just goes to show if you dont have even a little common sense this probably isnt the hobby for you. If i ever see him again I will stop and ask him to put some lights or reflectors on.

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    A timely reminder and lucky for him you were able to react quickly enough to avoid a tragedy.

    Last year near my house a MB rider, at night, no lights, no helmet, riding the wrong way against traffic had a collision with another pedal bicyclist. The pedal bicyclist was in the right lane and had lights but the MBer was going fast, collided and was thrown into the path on an oncoming car that ran him over. He suffered major injuries I know, not sure how permanent, I lost track after the initial news reports. A good friend is a cop in town and he said the accident gave the chief of police a bad taste for motorized bikes and the end results, besides risking serious injury, is just making it bad for the rest of us who do ride responsibly.
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    Happy Valley makes a good point; a bad actor can spoil the fun for everyone.

    Being visible and acting responsibly are not just good safety policies, they are necessary good manners.