My farewell thread :(

large, yer a great asset to this community and id rather ban the troublemakers than let you go

if this is yer final answer you will be missed

Large, stay. This place needs you.

Geeze people. Get a grip. We live, and most of us quite happily, I might add, in a country that has rules and regulations. Granted, some of them are inane and useless, but they are laws/regs/etc. We MUST abide by them. If not then WE become lawbreakers. Is that what we really want. Or do you just want to live in an Anarchy where anything goes.

I have a HT and I loved it when it was running. But as we all, know the quality control, workmanship is just plain junky. If and when they do become legal I will be in line to purchase one. I loved the feeling of twisting that throttle and feel my head almost snap back. That was cool. But, alas, after 150 miles, it took a dump.

We have so many users here just pimping and pushing these little illegal motors it's insane. They are NOT LAWFUL people. Do you understand that?
I think you do, but don't care. Yes, you can say the law really sucks. Yes, it does, I agree, but nevertheless it IS the law and we must obey it.

Do you not think the federal agencies know that this site exists. And see that here we are promoting, finding ways to cover-up the sizes of the engines? That my friends is what is going to really bring this thing down.
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i contacted mto and police today and they said there is no emission requirement for motorcycle or mopeds or mab's that being said no motorized bike is illegal in ontario sorry to see ya go large hope you re consider
Oh man you guys really don't know I don't think how difficult of a choice I'm making here. Honestly,I just want to get back to same 'ol same 'ol.
But we already have people all around us just waiting to shut us ALL down.
We have the roadies that want us off their bike trails.
We have the SUV drivers that sneer at us at the pumps.
We have those that think we are mopeds and try to run us off the roads.
We have ENOUGH people out there that want us gone.
Now we are saying to each other if you want to help destroy a person's livelyhood and this stretches far beyond the lonely old vendor,and you want to stay patriotic,then by all means go for it.
But it's okay to shop at Wal mart.
If you want to help this country,then go shop at the mom and pop stores and stay out of the dollar stores Wal marts and any and all discount stores.
...oh and stop supporting Saudi Arabia by buying gasoline. Take your engines out of your bikes and pedal.
I need to make a stand.
I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
This is absolutely killing me.
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It might rain later today, it's overcast and cooler than yesterday.

This morning I saw a hawk making slow spirals overhead, some crows nearby were cawing nervously.